Lords of Chaos

Assault on the Compound

September Game Day 2016

• Present; Askaradin, Califred, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• We head north expecting a four day trek to the next Goblin village. (notable trail quotes: “I dunno, let me ask my weasel”, “just cuz it looks like it’s 100 doesn’t mean it’s 100”
• On day two of the hike we came across a poor looking Goblin village made up of many hide huts. An Orc is tied to a stake at center of town. We try to talk to him with no results. Jevin pays his Goblin guard a copper piece which allows him to throw three rocks at him.
• On the fourth day of the hike we start to smell smoke. Thumper sees a Goblin in a tree along the trail and calls up Thingul, Sparks and Snotty who talk to the Goblin. We proceed farther down the trail and enter a well guarded Gobllin village that is very large. It has a stout defensive perimeter and the guards are alert. The occupants in other villages were very indifferent. The villagers here stare at us, some of them with a hostile look. Everyone is interested in us. We are taken to the feast hall where their chief is. He is a crusty old Goblin. Mato-ich casts a CHA enhancement spell on Thingul who then greets the chieftain. Thingul offers the rock to him, he looks at it and then drops it on the table. He starts ranting about all the elves running around the jungle. Finally he asks us what we are doing. We find out there are two elf groups nearby. One occupies some kind of compound and the other ghosts around the jungle and are rarely seen.
• We talk to the the chieftain’s lieutenant and find out they don’t know who Mendal is but they saw his party pass through the area. The compound is about six hours more to the north near the border of the Elvin Confederacy. There are two wooden structures there of normal size for the amount of occupants. There is no evidence of digging and several Goblins have been seen going in and out.
• The lieutenant agrees to haul us up north to a location where the Goblins have been observing the compound. We stay overnight in the village and start out in the morning. we are placed in jail cells and the guards are very competent.
• When we get to the observation post we can essentially see the rooftops. The trees press in right up to the compound. There are no walls and not much of a clearing. There are guards around the perimeter and are armed with sword and shield or bows.
• We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to engage in surveillance of the compound. Finally Snow Summer turns into a hawk and flies up into the trees near the compound.
• We set up a perimeter watch around the observation post and wait for Snow Summers return. Suddenly an elf stands up in the middle of our perimeter. He seemingly rises up out of the ground and is wearing a lot of camo. Without missing a beat, Thingul looks at him and says “what took you so long?” which invokes a smile from the intruder. (Thingul is subsequently nominated for the Cool Hand Luke award).
• The intruder introduces himself as “Hound”. We find out he and others are observing the compound. We tell Hound generally what we are up to. He tells us to wait here and walks off into the jungle, away from the compound. An hour later he returns with his boss, Captain Falcon. He tells us we have a common goal. They belong to the Order of the Besengi, they serve the crown of the Elvin Confederacy. (They are subsequently dubbed Elf Team Six by Califred). They have a concern that the compound is working against the crown and are ready to move against it.
• We tell Captain Falcon everything we know hoping they can fill in some gaps for us. He tells us that the elves in the compound are from House Cerwin and are buying Goblin influence to affect elven matters. He doesn’t know Mendal. He tells us that one of the compound occupants is a member of the Silver Order. They consider it a cult and keep a list of names of it’s members. He doesn’t know what the “two aspects” are. They think a few other cult members have travelled through the compound but are not there now. The Goblins that have been visiting are Goblins of note and power although none of them are presently in the compound.
• There are about 20 mercenaries guarding the compound and dwell in one of the structures. He asks us to help with a joint attack on the compound. Our job is to hit the mercenaries and draw them away from the structure with the elven leaders. While we draw them into battle our new allies will strike the other group.
• We approach in column and quickly spread out as we get near. The archers are forward and on the flanks. At first there are only a couple of mercenaries guarding the area in front of us. Once we engage them others reinforce them on each of their flanks. As a group we shift to the left rather than engage all of them at once. this forces lightly armored Jevin and Califred to lead the charge on the left flank. These are our first foes that use archery and shields. Fortunately for us they don’t seem to know how to use either. By the end of the battle very few of us are in need of Gara’s services. Overall, the speed and efficiency in which we dealt with the enemy was very satisfying. They finally surrendered and we tied them up. We quickly moved through the guardhouse and looted it.
• Notable events during the battle: Jevin melted a guys face off when he hit him with a flask of acid. Califred grappled a merc, knocked him out, instantly stood, grabbed his buddy and took him down as well all in a single round. Askaradin was about to take a critical wound but with the blessing of Arathan countered with a critical parry. Ha!
• Immediately after the battle we notice that there is an eerie silence in the compound. We expected to hear our allies storming the other structure tearing apart the elvin leaders. TO BE CONTINUED….

• 40 XP
LOOT: 97 copper, 4 silver, Medium turquois gem (120 copper), small Jade gem (60c), small Amber gem (70c). With last sessions loot that come to 163 copper pieces plus whatever our lost dwarf had stashed away.
TIME: It’s been 31 days since we met on the ship.



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