Lords of Chaos


October Game Day 2016

• Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• After last sessions battle it’s silent. The primary hut is 100 feet beyond the one we overran last session. We spread out and approach it. We are wary of illusions. Thumper advances ahead of the party and sees a dead elf laying in the doorway, his head is twisted awkwardly because his neck has been broken. Thumper hears Captain Falcon speaking from within so he enters. There is a single large room. Two dead elves lay on the floor, one with a dagger buried in his eye the other with a crossbow bolt in the chest. In the center of the room is a table with two chairs. Mendal is tied to one chair and Captain Falcon is sitting in the opposite one.
• Thumper gags Mendal and throws a bag over his head then calls the others in. Most of the team enter the hut but a few stand guard just outside. We take steps to determine if there are illusions about.
• Califred spends a lot of time scanning the nearby brush actively hunting for Hound. Later on Hound suddenly appears beside Califred and it’s pretty obvious he is toying with him.
• The captain tells us Mendal has declared Wereguild, which is how rich prisoners exchange things of value, like ransom, for their lives. In this case he has given the captain a lot of useful information about the conspiracies against the crown so the captain spared his life. He did not make any promises about what we would do but has promised Mendal to be an advocate.
• Califred points out that there are not enough bodies lying around. The captain tells us Mendal’s two body guards left the day before and are running errands for Mendal.
• The two dead elves are dressed in rich clothing. One of them was of the house Cerwyn. They were here to create allies with the goblins and fight the Elvin crown. There is some involvement of the Order of the Silver Sun but Falcon really doesn’t care about that aspect.
• Thumper takes off Mendal’s hood and gag and we start questioning him. Magnar picks him up, shakes him violently and gets his ugly face up into Mendal’s while screaming threats at him. When Mendal is unfazed, Magnar bites his ear off. Mendal still remains in control and doesn’t bat an eye. He negotiates and tells us he’ll tell us everything we ask about the information we’ve been seeking in exchange for his life. We dicker a little but eventually agree to the terms.
• Mendal has nothing to do with the Order of the Silver Sun but he does pass information along for them. The book we “gave” him had valuable information. There were things written in it (one of which was Mendal’s name) so it needed to be destroyed and was. Mendal came here to sell the book info and he had other business as well (which are what the two bodyguards went off to pursue). Mendal thinks the captain was a real idiot for writing down so many things in his journal. The Two Aspects is just some stupid thing the Order is doing. They are seeking the two aspects and are getting very frustrated. Time is running out for them although Mendal doesn’t know what the time limit is. The ship and crew were working for the Order of the Silver Sun and Mendal only knows two main sources for Silver Sun work; 1) Alaidius (Elvin Consul) who is the primary mover and shaker and 2) a barge master Kildore who works the river near the city of Elggin (a transit area from the Iron Mountains). Mendal doesn’t know why the ship went to the island where we found it. The rebels chose this borderland to run operations because of its porous border and not for ritual location considerations. Lots of information transits through this are too which makes it valuable to Mendal.
• Califred asks several questions about Captain Matterly. He is an interesting man, legendary, he shows up everywhere, he seems to be a catalyst, it’s often hard to tell what stories about him are true and which ones are fables.
• Thingul asks how he managed to do the book swap but he keeps it as a trade secret. He also asks Mendal if he’s heard of “the theft of a tome of Wild Ritual Magic to wake the Wild Hunts within the confederacy. Mendal admits it sounds vaguely familiar.
• Askiradin asks him what it would take to not be talking to Alaidius about us. Mendal says his immediate release without further damage would suffice. We have no further questions for him so we agree. Gara uses a healing spell and first aid to re-attach his ear.
• All along, Captain Falcon and Hound look amused at our questions.
• When we are about to leave Thingul goes over the Captain Falcon to shake his hand. The Captain passes him a golden coin with the head of a dog on it.
• We head down the trail back toward the port. We can make it back to the large goblin town after dark but it was heavily fortified, well-guarded and they didn’t seem to like strangers. We elect not to walk in on them in the dark and camp along the trail.
• On the third watch, Jevin, Maddie and Thingul are standing guard when they hear noises in the jungle. Snotty and Sparks wake up and start swearing. The guards start shouting to wake the rest up and we set up a hasty defensive circle as chitters begin swarming in on us. Maddie and Jevin climb trees. Sparks shouts out to kill as many as we can because the others will begin to eat their own and get distracted.
• The chitters seem to be countless. They surge against our outer perimeter for a short while then begin flowing through its center. When we kill or maim one the others drag it down and tear it to pieces like frenzied sharks. Jevin spends the entire battle up in the tree kicking and stabbing them one at a time as they advance on him. They eventually drag each of us down and swarm over us. The smith goes down first, then they beat Freddie into unconsciousness shortly followed by Thumper. Gara is moving around the battle field healing us, trying to keep us in the fight. Snow Summer turns into a bear and shreds a great many of them but it isn’t making much of a dent. Most of us are taking small amounts of damage as we slowly succumb and begin to drown in their numbers.
• Askaradin shouts out to Sparks that there is an oil flask in his pack. He tells him to get it and make a bomb. Sparks dumps out the content, grabs the flask and flings its contents all over. When it ignites there is a bright flash. At the same time Magnar stands up and roars out a great intimidating challenge. That finally breaks them and they begin to draw away, slowly at first then fleeing in a rout.
• We think we’ve killed over a hundred of them but will never know because they shredded and devoured the bodies so there were very few left to count.
• Even though we are bruised and battered the damage we took was not serious so we will be ready to move out in the morning.

• 40 XP
• It’s been 32 days since we met on the ship.
• Team funds:
413 copper
4 silver
Medium turquoise gem (120 CP)
Small jade gem (60 CP)
Small amber gem (70 CP)



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