Lords of Chaos


November Game Day 2016

• Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• This is a bad neighborhood. The next night on the first watch we are raided by three ogres. Snow Summer, Thingul and Jevin are on watch. As the ogres charge into camp Snow Summer changes into a Tiger and leaps at them. She delivers a good amount of damage and in turn the ogres shred her and knock her out of the fight. The ogres are very powerful and will each take a lot of damage to kill. We had a hard time convincing them they needed to die: Thumper hit one in the head with an arrow for seven points of damage and the thing just turned and looked at him. One of them charged Thingul who has set his spear. The thing got rammed through the gut (and out the back) for nine points (critical) and then crawls up the spear to get to Thingul. It also has five points of arrow in the head and eight points of arrow in the leg. After more damage is inflicted it begins to crawl after Thingul with determination.
• Throughout the battle; Freddie ignites a few of the ogres on fire, Gara moves throughout the battlefield healing each of us, Califred grapples ogres to disengage them from others when he jumps away Thumper is able to shoot them before they re-engage. An ogre runs out of the woods behind us, picks up Mato-ich, makes a wish and pulls his arms in two different directions. Mato-ich collapses into unconsciousness. Thingul wraps up the ogre with a vegetation entangling spell. Askaradin puts on a brilliant display of parrying attacks during the battle but then one blow gets through and nearly takes off his head. When the battle is over we heal what we can but we have at least three severely wounded comrades.
• It takes four days to hike to Gabo’s village. Gabo tells us he and the local villages chiefs are happy that we’ve dealt with “the elf problem” but tells us we’ve also probably made enemies as well. Word of our endeavors have preceded us and it is also probably known within the port too. He tells us that there are ways into the port city that will avoid detection. Gabo agrees to send for a healer to see to our serious wounds, this will take another day.
• Jevin buys 6 pepper packets from the goblins.
• We get into a lengthy discussion about our next steps. In the end we decide to enter town openly then we will take the ship northward to find barge master Kildore in Elggin.
• Askaradin goes to Arathan temple and lets them know our suspicions about what is going on with the local Raidan circles.
• Others head to taverns to listen for rumors and hear a lot of talk about what happened up north.
• We pay Sparks and Snotty 22 coppers for their help with the trip north and back. We pay 30 coppers (15/apiece) for surveillance of the consulate for a month. In particular we want to know about who goes in and out, when they do it, gossip from the taverns, maybe ways into the compound and any other useful information that they might be able to find.
• In town we buy two flasks of oil for each of us. Jevin buys a flask of acid. We purchase two helmet upgrades for Askiradin and Maddie.

• 40 XP. REMINDER: some of you have crossed 500 point fame points which will allow you to add +1 point to an ability. You cannot advance that ability beyond the racial limit of your character.

• It’s been 37 days since we met on the ship
• Team funds:
o 177 copper
o 4 silver
o Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem



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