Lords of Chaos

Tora! Tora! Gargoyle!

February game day 2017

FEBRUARY (kinda)
Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• At the end of the day, we tail Kildore from the Galloping Guppy to his home which is located in one of the better neighborhoods of the city. We set up a rotating watch to see if Kildore leaves his house or if he has any visitors. We don’t notice any family or roommates and nothing unusual happens.
• The next day Jevin and Thumper go to break into Kildore’s house via the back door. There are other supporting team members in the neighborhood. The lock is a bit formidable but Jevin thinks he can deal with it. Then he breaks his lock picking tool off in it.
• They go to the front door and Jevin quickly opens it. They move inside and check for any occupants. In the office they discover a hidden compartment in the desk with a map in it. They copy the map and replace the original then quickly move back outside trying not to disturb anything in the house. Hopefully Kildore will think that someone tried to break in through the back door and were never successful.
• Thingul uses a detect magic on the house and detects residual wild nature magic. Spells have been cast there in the past.
• We think the map leads to a destination that is a couple of days away. We decide to go see what it is. We leave in small groups early the next day headed in different directions and meet on the trail which leads north.
• On the second day out, early in the morning we get attacked by flying gargoyles. The first one flew through us and we all watched it. Then four of its teammates hit us from behind. Our missile fire and Freddie’s magic do some damage then they fly off. In the midst of their surprise attack they manage to break Califred’s arm and Jevin’s arm and leg. The gargoyles have left after their slashing attack.
• We have a discussion about pressing on toward the goal or heading back and healing our wounded. We opt to heal and start back. About 20 minutes down the trail the gargoyles renew their attack. Again, the missiles and magic take damage but a few swords hit has they slash by. Thingul casts and entangle spell into the tree tops which makes a spiderweb-like trap. One of the gargoyles hits it and crashes down in front of us. Askaradin hits it and breaks its right wing. Another one swoops in, grabs it and tries to fly off. A critical hit arrow brings that one down and we beat both of them to death.
• When we get back into town we split up again and make our ways to the Inn. Askaradin takes Jevin and Califred to the temple to see about buying serious wound services. The priest recognizes Askaradin from his prior visits to the temple and starts asking questions. By the end of the conversation Askaradin tells the priest much of what is going on but withholds some information. The priest offers assistance for our mission and then heals both Jevin and Califred.
• It’s been 56 days since we met on the ship.
• 40 XP.
Team funds:
o 177 copper
o 3 silver
o Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem



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