Lords of Chaos

Up the River to Elgin

January Game Day 2017

Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
  • We head to the Rivermen country port of Felstow at the mouth of the Iron River. this is a huge port, much larger than the one in the Goblin Marches.

*We need to move up to Elgin to find Kildore. The trip will take about 5 days on a barge. Some of us go to the taverns to gather information/gossip. Askaradin and Thumper start poking around the docks for information. They find a barge center of sorts with information about hiring, river traffic and crews. Our assumption up to this point was that Kildore owned barges and we were looking to hop a ride on one of his barges to gather information. In reality, Kildore is a port master in Elgin. We get a recommendation to hop a ride on a barge captained by Griz.

*We go find Griz and negotiate a fare of a silver piece to ship all of us to Elgin. We’ll provide some security for them and we’ll have to provide our own food. The silver comes out of our party fund.

*As we move up river we stop at night tied up to the bank for four hours each night. We sleep on the shore and on the second night an extremely large bear charges out of the forest and attacks us. At the same time we hear a hunting horn from the forest. Califred watches the tree line and keeps seeing things flitting in and out of his sight. The bear smacks Magnar upside the head and he falls down. Gara moves in and starts healing him. A giant badger runs out of the forest and starts attacking us. We hear the hunting horn again and hounds start howling. The bear is smacking us around pretty good and we’ve been pounding lots of damage on it to no effect. The smith finally hits it in the head with a critical and delivers 15 points of damage. The bear still remains standing and smacks Askaradin. A few rounds later the bear simply vanishes. The hounds take up position just inside the treeline and stop there.

*Thingul casts a detect magic spell and sweeps it across the treeline. He finds lots of sources of magic of various strengths and its all nature or illusion magic. Mato-ich shouts out to the forest to the friends of the hunt and asks them to show themselves. We hear giggling from the forest and Thumper identifies them as fairies. The warthog vanishes and the pine forest that we’ve been in suddenly turns into a jungle like we saw in the Goblin Marches. We hear more giggling and see lights. Thingul takes a few steps towards the forest, raises his spear and shouts “we are the chosen of the goddess of the woods Sylvara. We are friends not enemies. Please show yourselves.” There is more giggling and some of them start stepping out of the forest. Snow Summer places out little bowls of moonshine and they start drinking it. Gunga start playing his flute and they start dancing. They gather around Thingul and Magnar. They begin to dance around around Magnar. We place out more food which they eat. Thingul allows them to examine and touch the spear.

*After we leave Thingul suggests we all go through our packs and check for things that are missing or have been added. Fairies like playing practical jokes. We move on and soon pass through Califred and Jevin’s home town. They hide. After a few uneventful days we arrive at Elgin. The population is about 2,000. Griz is anquious to get going but before he leaves he tells us to look up Dore who works for Lode Star.

*Askaradin and Thumper start walking around the docks talking to others and pretending to look for jobs. While they are doing that they are scoping out Kildore, getting a sense of his job, what he looks like where he operates, when he knocks off work and where he goes to relax. Kildore is a tall elf. Califred and Jevin walk around town looking for things that would be odd to see on the river or talk that is out of place. Gunga sets up a beggars place in front of the port office and he sleeps there as well.

*We get a couple of rooms at an inn that overlook the port and try to go in and out without making us look like a large group. We move around town in groups of one or two and pick up odd jobs to gather information. We’ll spend a few days trying to find as much information as possible before interviewing Kildore.

*Homework: write a story about your character, due before March. See separate email.
*Next session at a special time: Jan 29 because Dave and Mike will be in town.
*It’s been 51 days since we met on the ship.
*40 XP.
*Team funds:
177 copper
3 silver
Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem



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