Frederick (Freddie) Lightfoot

Halfling Rogue/Mage


Frederick is 22 years of age and 44 inches tall with height-proportionate arms and legs. He is small but otherwise looks human. He weighs approximately 65 pounds, down a bit from his prior corpulence. His vanity is his magnificent muttonchop sideburns, which he brushes and trims daily, along a red crystalline pendant around his neck. Recent hardships have put some strength into his frame – so much so that he would be considered a body builder back home. He is wearing basic woodsman jerkin and leggings of leather, with a once-fine woolen cloak of forest green. His boots lace up to his knees. He wears his great sword on his back like a miniature claymore and carries a sling with which he hunts mall game.


Frederick is a very short humanoid from the southern region of Garaeth, not far from the Great Southern River. The region his people live in, called The Dell by locals, is known for the half-sized people, sometimes derogatorily referred to as “halflings”. Although they are capable of breeding with normal humans, they have been isolated in The Dell by geography and by choice. As a people they have no special abilities, although there are exceptional individuals there, as anywhere.

Frederick has fallen on hard times recently, after being raised by a moderately wealthy farming family in a long line of land-owning merchant-farmers. His is the second son of a branch of the family that had specialized in grapes and vinting and as such has been taught his letters, local history, and such weapons training as is available to the local militia. He proved a quick study with the Dellian Bastard Sword, which could be wielded one-handed (as with a shield) or two-handed (for extra power).

He also showed an aptitude for fire magic from an early age, although he suffered from lack of control. Often he would incinerate practice objects during his lessons, a condition which deteriorated as his emotions ran high – simply put, the more upset he got, the less control he had over his gift. He had been on community probation since he caught the bandstand on fire during the mid-summer festival.

He had been expelled from The Dell after a fire raged through a neighboring farmstead, shortly after he’d caught his sweetheart with another boy. He was permitted to take with him only those things he could carry in his small “cart-behind” (a two-wheeled cart with long handles pulled behind a traveler by means of wide leather shoulder straps). He had been making his living as a highwayman, haunting the small roads outside the Middle Kingdoms. He regrets his actions in The Dell but knows he will not be welcomed back. He seeks understanding of his gift and and training to control his power. He also seeks to regain some of the finer things in life that he was forced to abandon in exile, and the recent hardships have caused him to re-evaluate the nature of community and friendship.

Frederick (Freddie) Lightfoot

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