small elf with fast fingers and a magnificent smile


I’m Jevin and this is my story. It all started a little while ago in a small backwater of the great river. I was feeling somewhat discontented with myself and I really just didn’t like it around there. I was bored and I didn’t like the water. It was all because of my brother Califred and his insistence that I come with him on a boat ride. He proceeded to sink the boat with his little brother that couldn’t swim. So this is my story.

One day I was walking along the riverbank from one town to the next and I heard a fast horseman coming down the road behind me. One of the messengers from Anivere came galloping by and then I had the thought “Well since it’s so slow to get around the river on foot, why don’t I get myself a horse?” But seeing that I was dead broke, that wasn’t exactly going to be easy. I kept watching the King’s messengers coming and going from the river.

I noticed that one of the messengers would always stop by a dockside taverns and play cards. So one day I found him there and I came in and we started betting. I eventually got him to bet his horse after a lot of me losing and him gaining confidence. Then Noran smiled on me and I had a little bit of luck. Whoop-de-doo I got his horse. On that happy note I started to dance. I was dancing my victory dance and then some cards might have fallen out of my sleeve. That might have made the other people playing a little bit unhappy. I decided that was time to take my winnings and leave. Leave very fast.

I ran out of the tavern, jumped on the horse and it start galloping away. Then I realized, “Wait I have absolutely no idea how to ride a horse!” The sounds of yelling and the glint of pitchforks and fire were not far behind me. The horse reared up and I got dumped off into bushes. Free of my weight, the horse galloped off into the darkness. I decided to sit there for a little while, let the angry mob run past, and then take a slow off-trail path back home.

When I finally made it back home I noticed these nice sausages and travel cakes that were there. Being that I hadn’t eaten in a few days, those were looking mighty tasty. I was just looking to find a really good one when my brother showed up at home with a travel bag slung over his shoulder. That was when we found the note from our mother saying the food was for Califred.

He said he was taking his travel cakes and his sausages and he was going to go out on a quest. He had been a monk at that time and he was learning martial arts ways and going on about his river philosophy. He said that his monastery sent him on a quest and he was supposed to come back when he could see yesterday or something like that. It was weird and I didn’t really understand all the monastery mumbo jumbo.

That’s when I decided that a long trip would be good for me. We’ve been adventuring and performing the arts of amazement ever since. And that is my story.


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