Lords of Chaos

Into the Sylvenian Confederacy
July Game Day 2017


Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

  • The captain takes us to Grella’s island because we have two broken arms and two broken legs. On the beach we find a strange multi tentacled sea creature rotting on a rack. It’s roughly man sized. No birds, rodents or any scavengers are eating it. Thingul detects some magic on the creature which he guesses is inherent magic and other magic that seems to be placed on it. The placed magic is odd and is physical there are some odd unknown elements to it. Grella is happy to see us. We deliver a special package from the captain and she heals our party. Thingal offers Grella some of the magical ingredients he found in the Silver Sun camp. One of the ingredients that Grella selects is useful when dealing with other worldly creatures and the other ingredient is a rare catalyst which can be very dangerous when used incorrectly but greatly increases the power of regents. They are used for complex spells and by masterful spell casters. Grella tells us the creature on the beach is one of her projects.
We sail to the Sylvenian Confederacy into the port of Ilseus. House Cerwyn is located in the northern regions of the Confederacy. The ambassador we dealt with in the Goblin Marches was from House Cerwyn. The First Counselor to the High King is from south Cerwyn. Thingul is from House Ithell. [recommendation: read Thingul’s background story] We decide to take a three pronged attack to gather information; contact House Ithell, contact the Besenji and contact the local temple of Arathane.

Our presence is requested in Tulvius by the Besenji. They’ve been expecting us. The Arathane temple kinda tells us the same message. Jevin negotiates passage up river paid for by the Besenji. We first head up the Rylua River then branch onto the Solvia River tributary.

This is the night before the eclipse and the church of Arathane is offering a special service tonight which most of us attend. We head up the river on a barge. The eclipse happens. It’s cool but it’s a non-event. Nothing explodes. No fights. The world stays the same. We gain no magical powers. It’s pretty much a let down after all the build up.

We arrive in Tulvius and get off the barge. After wandering about we are approached by a beggar the hands us a note after giving him some coppers. The note contains a crude map and instructs us to go to a shop called “Aolis Exports”. We go into the shop and flash the Besenji coin to the proprietor. He locks the front door and we follow him into the back rooms. We are led into a room with a large table and wait. After a short while Captain Falcon walks into the room and welcomes us. Eventually he gets around to telling us that we might be able to help them out with something. Another person comes into the meeting, Captain Falcon stands and pays the newcomer a great deal of respect. This person has an air of authority about him and he seems well briefed about the things we’ve been up to. He tells us that House Cerwyn has an item in their control that others might want to be returned.

Bottom Line: House Ithell can’t be seen directly taking action to retrieve the item but if some mercenary group were to retrieve it and return it then House Cerwyn would have no official means of protesting the action. Members of both houses can smile at each other at social events and both will know who did what to whom. They can continue their strange dance with each other by obeying the unwritten rules of their relationship.

If we take this action it would also increase our value in the eyes of High King. The item is being kept in a sacred grove. The wards could be taken out by friends. We are asked to minimize the amount of bloodshed that might result in our actions (probably another dance rule). Captain Falcon will be running the ops to knock down wards and running interference to support us without direct obvious involvement. He gives Jevin two glass balls of knock-out gas. The item is a book of rituals and Thingul tells us a bit of information about it.

We get a guide to lead us to a place near the grove. We approach the grove in single file with Thumper and Thingul in advance. The hope is that they will detect guards or wards respectively. Thinglul’s first detect magic senses overwhelming magic but he can focus to what is needed. There is magic that has been knocked down but it is part of the grove and will soon re-establish itself. There is a tunnel of trees that we are travelling down to get to the center of the grove. Thumper sees two guards, he draws Thingul down and signals Jevin to come forward with his knock-out gas. Jevin sneaks forward until he’s about 25 feet away and throws. The glass ball breaks, one of the guards collapses and the other starts coughing. Thumper and Thingul fire arrows at the remaining guard, both hitting in the arm. That guard collapses in shock, he’s still alive and we quickly truss him and gag him. Gara performs first aid on him to prevent him from dying.

Thingul starts detecting magic traps that have been already discharged. He’s also getting overwhelming nature magic from the grove. He can detect some magic traps that are still set. Magnar takes the lead down the tunnel and Thingul follows. Thumper moves to the back of the party. Magnar almost immediately sets off a trip wire and a spear rams into his stomach for a lot of damage. Gara heals him. Jevin moves forward and starts searching for physical traps to assist Thingul’s efforts. Jevin detects several traps and marks them so that others do not set them off. A fear spell trap goes off which causes Thingul and Magnar to charge back down the trail. When we near the center of the grove Thingul detects a powerful magic item. The tunnel ends and there is a large open area. There is a chest in the middle of it. Jevin moves toward the chest to check for traps but before he gets there a very large creature rises up from out of the ground. It looks humanoid and like it is made out of mud. It’s much larger than a hill giant.

The mud monster whips his arm out toward Jevin and a giant mud blob slams into him. Jevin collapses under a big glob of mud and lays still. Thingul had a magical shield which popped during the attack so we know this is a powerful opponent. The monster throws a blob at Magnar which hits and does not bring him down. The mud clinging to Magnar reduces all of his rolls by a certain amount. Throughout the battle this reduction is cumulative which makes it harder for each of us to do what is needed. After several more hits Magnar is almost immobile due to the amount of mud encasing him. Thingul casts a dispell magic on Magnar and all the mud falls off. Freddie starts raining down fireballs on the mud monster which over the battle do significant damage. Gara starts spreading around healing spells on the group. Askaradin strikes the creature critically with a white glowing sword. Califred delivers a death blow to it. The bear starts pounding down serious blows on the monster. Whomever does the most damage or helps the group the most becomes the target of the creature. One by one we get knocked down until there are few of us left. Maddie and Califred try to pick up the chest, hoping to run, but it won’t budge. They then decide to open it up and grab the book but Califred goes down and Maddie is frozen in fear, sure that it will kill them if she tries.

Askaradin finally strikes the blow that drops the monster. Immediately we start digging our comrades out of mud to stop them from drowning in it. Then Jevin works on the chest and we see a book in it. Thingul grabs the book and we run. We find Captain Falcon and turn over the book which ends the session. During the battle all our magic users burned most of their points. The battle lasted less than a minute. The creatures was a magical guardian.

Session information:

· 40 XP for the session.

· It’s been 94 days since we met on the ship

Team funds:

· 273 copper

· 10 silver

· 1 gold

· 2 Small Amber gems (70 CP each)

· 1 Small jade gem (60 CP)

· 1 small opal gem (80 CP)

· 1 Small topaz gem (40 CP)

· 10 Small turquoise (20 CP each)

Ship Battle
June game day 2017

Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

  • We go through the camp and find documents about the Silver Sun. There are a few scrolls in Angelic and Elvish, Thingul can read the Elvish and it details the ritual and refers to the Angelic document. They are very detailed notes. It indicates that “the Twins” are an central part of the ritual and it can be surmised they will be sacrificed. It will happen during the eclipse which is the first time we have confirmed that suspicion.
  • We interrogate the magician first and he doesn’t talk. The sorcerer tells us everything if we promise not to turn him over to the Arathan priests. We lied. They were looking for a set of male elvish twins but were having trouble finding them so they were about to try without. The magician and the sorcerer were going to be part of the ritual. He admits that we interfered enough that the whole thing was a bust. Kildore came to warn them that things were falling apart. They were told the ritual would weaken Arathan and increase the power of Raidan. They got their instructions from a “strange man” and they only could remember his eyes and voice. The sorcerer refers to him continuously as “the strange man” but admits he was not sure he was a man. He gave them the information they needed then headed to the Sylverian Confederacy to meet Falarian of house Cerwyn the first counselor of the Forest King. The magic sword that Maddie has was part of the ritual.
  • We get back to Northwich and turn the prisoners over to high priest Malthus The temple will start interrogate these prisoners for more information. They examine the scroll of angelic writings. Malthus suspects that the “strange man” is an angel and suggests we pursue him down to the confederacy. Some of us go and check in with the Ranger Station. They tell the rangers to watch the area around the facility and expect cult followers to arrive near the eclipse. Thumper asks them to look for wanted posters to see if he is being hunted but they find nothing.
  • We go shopping. Magnar, Thingul, and Maddie upgrade their chest/abdomen to Hauberk chain. Magnar and Thingul upgrade their helmets. Askaradin upgrades to full chain.
  • We head west to Torlens (Thumper’s home town) then catch a barge down river to the port of Halport. The Dawn Star is waiting for us. We sail south towards the confederacy. In the evening the ship with Black sails appears. The captain is not alarmed but he changes course. The other ship follows for a while then disappears. We start engaging the twins and asking them about information. They tells us they are not supposed to talk about things. We start to notice that they are a bit odd for the crew. The seem to be more upper class but hide it well.
  • One of the twins calls out a sighting as a smaller ship approaches us. It closes and the crew starts preparing for battle. Thumper climbs into the crow’s nest. There is an initial exchange of missile fire then they ram our ship and secure it with grappling lines. A carrion crawler appears in the crows nest with Thumper which takes out our sniper fire for the entire encounter. The twins are in the rigging and start beating on the carrion crawler which distracts it.
  • They break Califred’s leg. He spends the rest of the game crawling around throwing bad guys overboard.
  • A hill giant materializes on our deck. [Learning moment: illusion creatures pop into the fight immediately… summoned creatures take ten rounds to solidify]
  • They break Freddie’s leg. They shatter Maddie’s wooden shield [Suggestion: check with the ship’’s carpenter for possible mending or replacement]
  • There are a lot of the enemy and they are swarming the deck. Snow Summer has turned into a bear but she is taking massive amounts of damage so she jumps into the sea and turns into a shark. she swims under the enemy ship, turns into a tiger and tries to climb the ship hull. [Fact Check: Tigers are really big and heavy. They rarely climb because of their weight, size and how they’ve evolved to run down prey. They like low altitudes.]
  • They break Maddie’s arm and she dives over the side to avoid the enemy. We identify the magic user on the other ship. Jevin tosses an acid flask and severely damages his arm. A tiger is clawing its way up the hull toward the spell caster. Others are trying to target spells and missile file on him. He summons another Carrion Crawler and wraps it around himself to act as a shield. After that the ships begin to separate and the smaller attack ship starts to withdraw from the Dawn Star.
  • Thingul kills the Carrion crawler facing Thumper. Even though its demise is obvious to us Thumper congratulates the twins on their awesome contributions that allowed the enemy to be defeated.
  • The other ship withdraws. Unfortunately we shall probably meet them again some time in the future. We need to keep the image of their magic user in mind for future encounters.
  • Game question: Where did our potions go??? From our April notes: “The high priest in Elgan gives to Askaradin several potions, Heal 1 , Fury 2, a very ornate bottle of Heal 3.” At the start of next game lets make sure we know who has what and it’s listed on their sheets.
  • Strategy Note: We are fighting individual melee battles. Of note, Askaradin delivered 10 hits 7 of which were parried. We need to start teaming so the first person draws the parry and the second can delivers a hit. Our enemies are getting stronger, delivering more damage, wearing more armor and having more skill to parry. We have to start using teamwork to overcome them. We need to pair up at least and the pairs should be grouped based on weapon speed. The only one that should be melee fighting single is Snow Summer when she changes into something with multiple attacks. If you ever find yourself fighting alone then make your way toward and ally and team up with them.

Session information:

· 40 XP for the session.

· It’s been 79 days since we met on the ship

· The Solar Eclipse will arrive in 5 days

Team funds:

· 260 copper

· 10 silver

· 1 gold

· 2 Small Amber gems (70 CP each)

· 1 Small jade gem (60 CP)

· 1 small opal gem (80 CP)

· 1 Small topaz gem (40 CP)

· 10 Small turquoise (20 CP each)

Into Northwich
May Game Day 2017

Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• We are making an aggressive trek across Anivere at 20 miles/day. At the end of day two a human walks out of the woods and into our camp. Thumper is disguised (thanks to Mato-itch) and Thingul casts a change appearance spell on him. It’s a ranger and he sits a while asking questions to find out what we are doing here. Thumper does not engage in the conversation. We are sure there are other rangers in the forest watching us.
• After the ranger leaves we invent a story for being in Anivere and for moving so fast.
• We arrive in Northwich late on the 5th day. There are no walls around the city. We pass the gate guards with quick questions then make our way to the temple of Arathane and meet with the High Priest. We tell him our story and he sends agents out to investigate. We are offered room and board.
• The high priest tells us that Kildore definitely is in town and they are watching him. He’s a little vague and we offer our assistance wherever we can.
• We consider that since the Silver Sun met at a remote warded cabin in Elgan maybe they do the same thing here in Northwich. We head down to the local Ranger station and ask if they know about any remote cabins that are warded or people feel like avoiding. Thumper stays in the temple. Jevin asks them for the information and while he’s doing that he plays around with the golden Besenji coin the Rangers in the Goblin Marches gave us. The coin fascinates the Ranger that greets them (apparently the Besenji was the focus of his thesis) and the conversation goes well. The Rangers tell the team of a place a day’s march out that they’ve been watching and fits the conditions we are looking for. They make a map for us.
• The temple moves us out of town in the darkness of the early morning without being noticed. We hike hard out to the site then creep up on the cabin. We see the movement of a sentry and charge blindly into their force. They are elves and they’ve been waiting for us. An equal number of swordsmen oppose us. As we close, six archers appear, three on each flank. The next round a wizard appears behind the line and starts bombing us with spells then he sets up a shield that we cannot penetrate. A giant spider appears in combat and a large elf swinging two long swords. Snow Summer has changed into a bear and is charging the left flank archers. They are dropping back and mauling her with salvos of arrows. By this point in the battle the elves have not missed a single parry and they outnumber us two to one. It looks pretty bleak but we press on. When a second magic user drops his invisibility spell and starts attacking, our morale plummets. Gunga-Sam goes down with a broken leg. An armored guard appears before the wizard. We are sure we are going to die so decide to take down as many of them as we can. We discover the spider and the two-sword elf are illusions. Snow Summer breaks right and crashes into the right flank of the swordsmen. Beside her are Askaradin and Magnar and now the enemy cannot parry fast enough. The trio rolls up their flank. Thingul’s spells are landing and take out the second magic user as well as half the archers. They finally break and run. Snow Summer turns into a tiger and pounces on the remaining wizard. We capture him and the magician who is unconscious. We employ the Mendal capture kits to tie, bind and blind them. We strip them down and remove their footwear.
• We find 71 copper, 7 silver, 1 gold, 10 turquoise gems, 2 amber gems, 1 topaz gem, 1 opal, a magic long sword – given to Maddie, a Hold Person scroll (100 ft range, 15 ft diameter, 2d4 rounds) – given to Jevin, a very ornate gold bracelet (worth 1,500 copper) – given to Thingul for keeping until we trade it in.
• We find a mostly below-ground structure that is warded. The group did belong to the Order of the Silver Sun. We talk about burning the structure but the recording is unclear whether that happened or not.
• Start of next Session: We will start back in the city. We will start by questioning the prisoners (maybe with the help of the temple) then turn them over to the rangers.

Session information:
• 40 XP for the session.
• It’s been 71 days since we met on the ship
• The Solar Eclipse will arrive in about 3 weeks

Team funds:
• 247 copper
• 10 silver
• 1 gold

• 2 Small Amber gems (70 CP)
• 1 Small jade gem (60 CP)
• 1 small opal gem (80 CP)
• 1 Small topaz gem (40 CP)
• 10 Small turquoise (20 CP)

Into Anivere
April Game Day 2017

Present; Askaradin, Gara, Gunga Sam, Mato-ich, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

· Sherry produces an evil plate of Rice Krispy treats that perpetually replenish themselves. We suspect fairy magic. [Thank you Sherry!]

· On Monday we start diets to remove the 25 lbs acquired from the perpetual Rice Krispy treats.

· Askaradin gets a summons from the Elgan high priest and he immediately responds. He tells the priest about our trip north and the evidence of Raidan. He knows Kildore left town and it is a good path to follow, he is headed to Northwich in Anivere. Kildore never seemed to be a bad person but now there are some suspicions. The high priest in Northwich is called Malthus and we should be check in with him. He gives to Askaradin several potions, Heal 1 , Furry 2, a very ornate bottle of Heal 3.

· Since we are headed into Anivere, Thumper reveals some of his past for the first time. He had to flee Anivere because he was falsely accused of murder. There are some powerful people there that were looking for him. There might be wanted posters with his face printed on them. He will be known as Thumper or Wallace. While in Anivere he asks that he be called “Wally” because none of his old circle of acquaintances would ever call him that. When he left Anivere he was blond with no facial hair which he has allowed to grow. He works with Mato-ich to disguise him and make his hair black. Winston will be residing in the backpack when others are present.

· We head out in the morning crossing over the river and move into Anivere. Several days later we walk into a border village called “Bardon on the Water” and we are approached by the “mayor” and he says he was hoping that the rangers had sent us. There are some bandits working the area and they kidnapped the mayor’s daughter (Meg) the day before. Things like that happen from time to time and they ask for a ransom that is reasonable. This time they asked for an extraordinary amount (5 silver pieces) that cannot be paid. It doesn’t make sense, they know the village does not have this much money and they’ve never asked for this much before. His daughter is 12 years old and he asks us to rescue her. There are upwards of 100 bandits. We negotiate a fee which includes food and after dickering we agree to a payment amount. We are concerned that Kildore has set this up as a distraction to delay our pursuit of him, the ransom amount is what suggests it to us. The bandit chief is called Harold who is a large redheaded Norseman. The Mayor provides us a guide to take us to the area where the bandits usually camp.

· When we get near what we think is the bandit base we stop. Snow Summer goes off into the woods and creates an infomercial about how NOT to roll dice. Unfortunately, nobody buys her product and she doesn’t earn any money. She puts on a demonstration of how to be detected, how to be attacked, how to get the crap beat out of you and how to be captured. None of the rest of the party know this is happening.

· We need to set up pre-scouting expectations for the non-scouting team member options and suggest retreat options for the scout when opportunities start to sour.

· Game Note: The GM takes Lisa/Snow Summer into another room for secret resolution to events.

· Since we never set up an expectation of scouting time or alternate actions on our part depending variable things we just sit and wait. When Snow Summer fails to show up we agree to wait an hour then go look for her. When we hear an enraged bear screaming we charge down the trail assuming she is in trouble and trying to fight her way out. We run into about 15 bandits, a few of them archers and we engage them. They don’t seem too professional and the battle takes place in the forest. Thumper sends Winston into the camp to look for Snow Summer, hoping he might be intelligent enough to aid her if possible.

· We fight with the bandits and when they break and run we charge down the trail into the bandit camp. We need to find Snow Summer quickly but are watching for an ambush. At a distance we see Harold who is holding his hands up over his head and he’s yelling for us to stop or they will kill our friend. Harold offers to give up Snow Summer if we just walk off. We negotiate. Askaradin offers 10 CP for the girl plus the release of Snow Summer. Winston is proudly sitting on a trussed up Snow Summer content of following orders to find her. He gets a Scooby treat.

· Meg tells us that she overheard them talking about meeting an elf and being paid to delay us. Snow Summer is pretty beat up so she gets healing. We recover 29 CP which go into the club fund, less the 10 paid back to Askaradin.

· We bring Meg back to the village. We grab some quick food but are desperate to make tracks and not waste any more time. We assume similar delay tactics will confront us on our journey so we agree to bypass any other villages we come upon. We also agree to set a hard pace, not quite a forced march. Northwich is about 100 miles. We push 40 miles in 2 days and stop the session at that point.

· Thumper is concerned because the mayor said he had sent word to the Rangers. They are probably on their way and we might run into them. He will need to stay alert on the trip south.

· 40 XP for the session.

· It’s been 65 days since we met on the ship

Team funds:

o 201 copper

o 3 silver

o Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem

The Cabin in the Woods
March Game Day 2017

Present; Califred, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

• Gunga has found a source he does not wish to reveal and assures us that Kildore is a squeaky clean upstanding citizen. Probably a much better person than anyone of us.
• We start back in Elgin and head down the trail toward the location on the map we found in Kildore’s study. We pass through the place where we fought the gargoyles and someone has removed the two gargoyle bodies. On both nights of the trip we are wakened by fairies hiding in the brush, giggling. On the second night they left a small woven mat of flowers hanging from a tree branch. Maddie claims it.
• Early on the third day we discover a small cabin just off the trail. The cabin looks old but it’s not dilapidated, no smoke from the chimney, no weeds in front of the door, just dirt, indicating some kind of use. As we approach it we discover a “barrier” at about 50 feet where we feel discouraged and consider going back. Everyone feels the same way and it’s a subtle feeling. Winston stays outside the 50 foot range and will not approach the cabin. Thumper circles the cabin and sees a main door and shuttered windows on the other sides. Thingul uses a detect magic spell. There are two sources of magic in the cabin, one is a ritual that created a ward (sorcerer) and a source of complex strong magic in the center.
• Thumper approaches the front door and knocks on the door. Nobody answers so he tries to open it and discovers it’s locked. Jevin comes forward and picks the lock. Thumper opens the door. It’s dark inside, it has a wooden floor which is unique (rather than dirt), it is one room, open rafters, a small fire place and a rough hewn table with four chairs. Thumper walks into the room and moves to the right to open a shuttered window. Jevin steps just inside the door. Summer moves up and places a lantern just inside the door.
• Jevin feels something. As he looks around he notices something moving on the table. Jevin starts yelling “the table, the table!” Something is swirling above the table with particles of silver and black. It swirls faster and faster, the silver turns into a ball about two feet in diameter. The silver is somewhat transparent and in the center is a large black gauntlet fist. They immediately recognize it as the symbol of Raidan and Thumper yells “get out!” Shadows start swirling around the ball. Jevin turns to run and falls on his face, Thumper tries to dive out the window but gets hung up on the sill. The shadows strike Jevin and he feels a cold energy drain. He takes some damage and his strength gets drained.
• Thumper gets out the window on his second try. Shadows start coming through the walls and out into the forest. One shadow passes through Magnar’s shield and into his body, inflicting damage and strength loss. Magnar strikes back and when he hits the thing it starts shredding dark shadow pieces. Gara starts casting healing spells around. Thumper turns and fires an arrow into the silver ball. The arrow passes through the ball with no effect and buries into the far wall. At this point we decide the silver ball needs to be attacked by magic. People without magic weapons start attacking the shadows and when successful they shred black essence. Thingul and Magnar charge toward the door to get into the cabin.
• Gunga kneels in front of the door and purposely blocks it. He throws a bunch of oily rags onto the lamp and starts a fire. Unknown to the rest of us, Gunga has decided that if the cabin burns down all the magic will simply go away. Jevin is in the cabin. Gunga gets out of the doorway when the rags catch fire. Thingul and Magnar leap through the flames and start attacking the silver ball. Magnar’s attack goes through the ball and into the table. Thingul’s magic spear inflicts some damage on it. It sparks and throws Thingul backward. A lot of magic backflows into him and he realizes its very powerful ritual magic. He notices imperfections (cracks???) in the ball and gauntlet. It does not seem to affect the shadows.
• Jevin throws a rock at the sphere, the rock streaks with blue magic, looking much like a small meteorite. It hits the sphere and inflicts damage. Later Jevin admits he found an amulet in Kildore’s study and took possession of it. It seems to turn the stone’s into magic weapons.
• Summer Snow and Magnar begin to guard Jevin and Thingul from the shadows. Essentially they step in front of the shadows and take blows for the ones they protect. Jevin throws another stone but he is so weak he can’t make the toss. He barely crawls out the window and Califred picks him up and runs. Summer Snow shifts guard Thingul and Thingul keeps inflicting damage to the sphere.
• Gunga moves forward again with a flask of oil to add to the fire. Maddie moves in to tackle him. Magnar collapses into the doorway and Gunga starts dragging him off. Jevin and Magnar are without strength. Everyone else is severely down in strength. Thingul is rapidly losing strength with each hit and Summer is trying to protect him.
• Finally Thingul hits the sphere with a critical hit. Silver essence starts shredding off the sphere. Thingul can feel the powerful spell become unbound and break apart. The magic is being released. The shadows start disintegrating. Thingul takes a stab at the sphere, hits it again, then turns and runs to get out of the cabin. When the sphere explodes a wave of powerful magic blasts over us. Summer Snow gets blown out of her bear form.
• We start putting the fire out, throwing dirt on it, water from canteens and such. Gara starts tending to wounds. Thingul examines the table, sees blood and ritual markings so he can tell there was a ritual spell cast on the table. He casts detect magic again and only senses the perimeter spell.
• It seems strange to us that there is nothing here other than the table and chairs. The cabin is taken care of, maintained, but no food, kitchen, outhouse or other things we’d expect. We start searching the cabin and tearing up the floorboards. Nothing.
• Who builds a cabin two days travel into the forest, puts wards up against it and makes a powerful defensive ritual spells? Is it a meeting place? Is it a place of ritual magic for lay lines? Will this be a focal point for the coming eclipse? Is it possible that something was here but when we tripped the gargoyle guards the owners moved whatever was here by the time we came back 3 days later and set a trap in its place? Did the sphere have an alternate power but we just tripped the defensive element? Why would Kildore (the fine upstanding citizen) have a map to this place? Was it built as a trap for us? That seems excessive, there are simpler, effective traps that could be built.
• On the assumption that this is simply a guard shack, Thumper hikes an hour down the trail to see if there is anything else. The trail at this point is merely a dear trail and nothing is found. The cabin is also at the place on the map where we expected something. Summer Snow/bear sniffs around the cabin and surrounding area and smells faint odors of elves.
• After extensively searching the cabin and forest for clues we burn the cabin down.
• We go back to town. When we get there we find out that Kildore has suddenly needed to take a business trip. He went south the Anivere. Thumper is does not really want to head to Anivere but doesn’t discuss why.
DEATH TRAP AVERTED: In late discussion we figured out that once the ritual magic was tripped it could not be stopped other than destroying the sphere. The shadows moved faster than we could run. The shadows were not limited in range and could hunt us down no matter where we went. We were damaging the shadows but they were regenerating (probably not the right word but it’s the idea). If we had managed to light the cabin on fire it would not have stopped the ritual magic or hurt the sphere. We could not get to the sphere because of the heat. After that the shadows would have killed us and we couldn’t have stopped them.
• To Do: Email discussion to get a course of action for the next session. Ask the Arathane priest for his thoughts on what we found at the cabin. Do we chase Kildore? Do we head back down the river?
• 40 XP for the session, 20 XP for submitted stories.
• It’s been 61 days since we met on the ship

Tora! Tora! Gargoyle!
February game day 2017

FEBRUARY (kinda)
Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• At the end of the day, we tail Kildore from the Galloping Guppy to his home which is located in one of the better neighborhoods of the city. We set up a rotating watch to see if Kildore leaves his house or if he has any visitors. We don’t notice any family or roommates and nothing unusual happens.
• The next day Jevin and Thumper go to break into Kildore’s house via the back door. There are other supporting team members in the neighborhood. The lock is a bit formidable but Jevin thinks he can deal with it. Then he breaks his lock picking tool off in it.
• They go to the front door and Jevin quickly opens it. They move inside and check for any occupants. In the office they discover a hidden compartment in the desk with a map in it. They copy the map and replace the original then quickly move back outside trying not to disturb anything in the house. Hopefully Kildore will think that someone tried to break in through the back door and were never successful.
• Thingul uses a detect magic on the house and detects residual wild nature magic. Spells have been cast there in the past.
• We think the map leads to a destination that is a couple of days away. We decide to go see what it is. We leave in small groups early the next day headed in different directions and meet on the trail which leads north.
• On the second day out, early in the morning we get attacked by flying gargoyles. The first one flew through us and we all watched it. Then four of its teammates hit us from behind. Our missile fire and Freddie’s magic do some damage then they fly off. In the midst of their surprise attack they manage to break Califred’s arm and Jevin’s arm and leg. The gargoyles have left after their slashing attack.
• We have a discussion about pressing on toward the goal or heading back and healing our wounded. We opt to heal and start back. About 20 minutes down the trail the gargoyles renew their attack. Again, the missiles and magic take damage but a few swords hit has they slash by. Thingul casts and entangle spell into the tree tops which makes a spiderweb-like trap. One of the gargoyles hits it and crashes down in front of us. Askaradin hits it and breaks its right wing. Another one swoops in, grabs it and tries to fly off. A critical hit arrow brings that one down and we beat both of them to death.
• When we get back into town we split up again and make our ways to the Inn. Askaradin takes Jevin and Califred to the temple to see about buying serious wound services. The priest recognizes Askaradin from his prior visits to the temple and starts asking questions. By the end of the conversation Askaradin tells the priest much of what is going on but withholds some information. The priest offers assistance for our mission and then heals both Jevin and Califred.
• It’s been 56 days since we met on the ship.
• 40 XP.
Team funds:
o 177 copper
o 3 silver
o Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem

Up the River to Elgin
January Game Day 2017
Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
  • We head to the Rivermen country port of Felstow at the mouth of the Iron River. this is a huge port, much larger than the one in the Goblin Marches.

*We need to move up to Elgin to find Kildore. The trip will take about 5 days on a barge. Some of us go to the taverns to gather information/gossip. Askaradin and Thumper start poking around the docks for information. They find a barge center of sorts with information about hiring, river traffic and crews. Our assumption up to this point was that Kildore owned barges and we were looking to hop a ride on one of his barges to gather information. In reality, Kildore is a port master in Elgin. We get a recommendation to hop a ride on a barge captained by Griz.

*We go find Griz and negotiate a fare of a silver piece to ship all of us to Elgin. We’ll provide some security for them and we’ll have to provide our own food. The silver comes out of our party fund.

*As we move up river we stop at night tied up to the bank for four hours each night. We sleep on the shore and on the second night an extremely large bear charges out of the forest and attacks us. At the same time we hear a hunting horn from the forest. Califred watches the tree line and keeps seeing things flitting in and out of his sight. The bear smacks Magnar upside the head and he falls down. Gara moves in and starts healing him. A giant badger runs out of the forest and starts attacking us. We hear the hunting horn again and hounds start howling. The bear is smacking us around pretty good and we’ve been pounding lots of damage on it to no effect. The smith finally hits it in the head with a critical and delivers 15 points of damage. The bear still remains standing and smacks Askaradin. A few rounds later the bear simply vanishes. The hounds take up position just inside the treeline and stop there.

*Thingul casts a detect magic spell and sweeps it across the treeline. He finds lots of sources of magic of various strengths and its all nature or illusion magic. Mato-ich shouts out to the forest to the friends of the hunt and asks them to show themselves. We hear giggling from the forest and Thumper identifies them as fairies. The warthog vanishes and the pine forest that we’ve been in suddenly turns into a jungle like we saw in the Goblin Marches. We hear more giggling and see lights. Thingul takes a few steps towards the forest, raises his spear and shouts “we are the chosen of the goddess of the woods Sylvara. We are friends not enemies. Please show yourselves.” There is more giggling and some of them start stepping out of the forest. Snow Summer places out little bowls of moonshine and they start drinking it. Gunga start playing his flute and they start dancing. They gather around Thingul and Magnar. They begin to dance around around Magnar. We place out more food which they eat. Thingul allows them to examine and touch the spear.

*After we leave Thingul suggests we all go through our packs and check for things that are missing or have been added. Fairies like playing practical jokes. We move on and soon pass through Califred and Jevin’s home town. They hide. After a few uneventful days we arrive at Elgin. The population is about 2,000. Griz is anquious to get going but before he leaves he tells us to look up Dore who works for Lode Star.

*Askaradin and Thumper start walking around the docks talking to others and pretending to look for jobs. While they are doing that they are scoping out Kildore, getting a sense of his job, what he looks like where he operates, when he knocks off work and where he goes to relax. Kildore is a tall elf. Califred and Jevin walk around town looking for things that would be odd to see on the river or talk that is out of place. Gunga sets up a beggars place in front of the port office and he sleeps there as well.

*We get a couple of rooms at an inn that overlook the port and try to go in and out without making us look like a large group. We move around town in groups of one or two and pick up odd jobs to gather information. We’ll spend a few days trying to find as much information as possible before interviewing Kildore.

*Homework: write a story about your character, due before March. See separate email.
*Next session at a special time: Jan 29 because Dave and Mike will be in town.
*It’s been 51 days since we met on the ship.
*40 XP.
*Team funds:
177 copper
3 silver
Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem

Mysterious Island
December Game Day 2016
Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

• Askaradin buys a leather cover for his shield to hide emblems.
• We leave the port and sail northward. We plan for the journey to take at least a week. On the second day we see a ship with black sails following us just before nightfall but it never closes with us.
• On the fifth day a fog rolls in that grows thicker. The captain brings in the sails and slows the ship. The fog increases until our visibility is about 10 feet. We sail out of a wall of fog and into a small lagoon on an island. The fog clips the island to the left and right and deeper inland. The beach extends 50 feet from a very thick forest. A path leads into the interior of the island. There is a body lying on the beach. We get the long boat and tie a small line to the ship leading to the shore so we can find our way back to the ship if the fog rolls in.
• We guard along the tree line while a couple go down to the body and examine it. There are no footprints on the beach or trail. The body is an elf wearing very strange and old clothes. It is desiccated but not rotting. There is a wound on his chest that we assume was created by a sword. There is a blood stain on surrounding the hole. No animals have been chewing on the body. Thingul casts a detect magic on the body and he gets returns not only on the body but everything around it too, the beach, the island and etc. It’s like a background noise that covers everything.
• We head up the trail which is large enough for two abreast. The path is hard packed and does not reveal footprints. The trail almost looks groomed because there are no leaves or branches on it, there are also no overhanging limbs but none have them been pruned. After a while we notice the bushes and trees along the trail are twisted into different forms. They are almost banzai-like but again, no pruning, just shaped and growing that way. They are very beautiful and show motion in the subjects. Mato-ich notices that some trees and bushes are unusual to be growing together. There is also a large number of animals in the area. We assume this is some kind of maintained garden.
• The trail opens up into a small clearing. In the center is a tall hut which is made of trees that have naturally grown together. There is an open doorway and over it’s entrance is a sign with an acorn and a butterfly. In front of the hut there are bodies and skeletons. The bodies are elf and look like the one we found on the beach. There are also three humans in ancient armor. Thingul identifies this as a place of Sylvara (nature goddess) and begins praying to her. Mato-ich stays far away from the hut. Thumper enters the hut and notices a large statue of Sylvara at the far side with hands out in front holding a glowing spear. There are human bodies in front of the statue and an elf as well. As he steps in the room fills with brush, he hears something crashing through brush, a horn in the distance and baying hounds. Thumper turns and runs out. Maddie enters and repeats the whole process. Thingul then enters and gets in a bit farther. He notices the spear is glowing.
• The skeletons start rising. There are three outside and about six inside. When they touch us they knock a few points of willpower off us. We quickly kill the three out in front of the hut. Thingul casts entanglement in the entrance and a few of us bottle them up there. When we hit the skeletons the impact was odd, more than brittle bone but more resistance than it should. We worry that it represents something other than what it appears. Freddie starts lighting them on fire. One of the downed skeletons gets back up. They are regenerating. We start to notice even the burned skeletons are regenerating. We can see the bones fusing together and repairing. We try to beat them with overwhelming damage hoping it will knock them out but the regeneration continues. Thumper fires into the engagement with the Smith hoping to hit his/her/its opponents. Nope. The Smith goes down freeing two skeletons. Oops!!!
• Thumper thinks that maybe the spear in the statue’s hands is the key. He suggests everyone falls back and draws the skeletons away from the hut. When we do that then Thingul can try to rush past them and into the hut. We slowly fall back and draw them away. Mato-ich casts a sanctuary spell on Thingul who sprints through a gap in the skeletons and into the hut. He presses into the thick vegetation having to make a saving throw at every step. When he gets to the statue he lays his spear before it, offers up a prayer and takes the statue’s spear. As soon as he lifts it the skeletons all collapse and are no longer threatening us. The sounds stop and the vegetation disappears. The spear is very sharp and is of Elvin make. The shaft is not straight but looks like a branch with many bends and twists. The tip is made out of a fine metal that we can’t identify.
• We head back to the ship. Several of us have taken a lot of willpower wounds which eventually heal.
• It’s been 42 days since we met on the ship.
• 40 XP. REMINDER: if you have crossed 500 point fame points you can add +1 point to an ability. You cannot advance that ability beyond the racial limit of your character.
Team funds:
o 177 copper
o 4 silver
o Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem

November Game Day 2016

• Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• This is a bad neighborhood. The next night on the first watch we are raided by three ogres. Snow Summer, Thingul and Jevin are on watch. As the ogres charge into camp Snow Summer changes into a Tiger and leaps at them. She delivers a good amount of damage and in turn the ogres shred her and knock her out of the fight. The ogres are very powerful and will each take a lot of damage to kill. We had a hard time convincing them they needed to die: Thumper hit one in the head with an arrow for seven points of damage and the thing just turned and looked at him. One of them charged Thingul who has set his spear. The thing got rammed through the gut (and out the back) for nine points (critical) and then crawls up the spear to get to Thingul. It also has five points of arrow in the head and eight points of arrow in the leg. After more damage is inflicted it begins to crawl after Thingul with determination.
• Throughout the battle; Freddie ignites a few of the ogres on fire, Gara moves throughout the battlefield healing each of us, Califred grapples ogres to disengage them from others when he jumps away Thumper is able to shoot them before they re-engage. An ogre runs out of the woods behind us, picks up Mato-ich, makes a wish and pulls his arms in two different directions. Mato-ich collapses into unconsciousness. Thingul wraps up the ogre with a vegetation entangling spell. Askaradin puts on a brilliant display of parrying attacks during the battle but then one blow gets through and nearly takes off his head. When the battle is over we heal what we can but we have at least three severely wounded comrades.
• It takes four days to hike to Gabo’s village. Gabo tells us he and the local villages chiefs are happy that we’ve dealt with “the elf problem” but tells us we’ve also probably made enemies as well. Word of our endeavors have preceded us and it is also probably known within the port too. He tells us that there are ways into the port city that will avoid detection. Gabo agrees to send for a healer to see to our serious wounds, this will take another day.
• Jevin buys 6 pepper packets from the goblins.
• We get into a lengthy discussion about our next steps. In the end we decide to enter town openly then we will take the ship northward to find barge master Kildore in Elggin.
• Askaradin goes to Arathan temple and lets them know our suspicions about what is going on with the local Raidan circles.
• Others head to taverns to listen for rumors and hear a lot of talk about what happened up north.
• We pay Sparks and Snotty 22 coppers for their help with the trip north and back. We pay 30 coppers (15/apiece) for surveillance of the consulate for a month. In particular we want to know about who goes in and out, when they do it, gossip from the taverns, maybe ways into the compound and any other useful information that they might be able to find.
• In town we buy two flasks of oil for each of us. Jevin buys a flask of acid. We purchase two helmet upgrades for Askiradin and Maddie.

• 40 XP. REMINDER: some of you have crossed 500 point fame points which will allow you to add +1 point to an ability. You cannot advance that ability beyond the racial limit of your character.

• It’s been 37 days since we met on the ship
• Team funds:
o 177 copper
o 4 silver
o Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem

October Game Day 2016

• Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• After last sessions battle it’s silent. The primary hut is 100 feet beyond the one we overran last session. We spread out and approach it. We are wary of illusions. Thumper advances ahead of the party and sees a dead elf laying in the doorway, his head is twisted awkwardly because his neck has been broken. Thumper hears Captain Falcon speaking from within so he enters. There is a single large room. Two dead elves lay on the floor, one with a dagger buried in his eye the other with a crossbow bolt in the chest. In the center of the room is a table with two chairs. Mendal is tied to one chair and Captain Falcon is sitting in the opposite one.
• Thumper gags Mendal and throws a bag over his head then calls the others in. Most of the team enter the hut but a few stand guard just outside. We take steps to determine if there are illusions about.
• Califred spends a lot of time scanning the nearby brush actively hunting for Hound. Later on Hound suddenly appears beside Califred and it’s pretty obvious he is toying with him.
• The captain tells us Mendal has declared Wereguild, which is how rich prisoners exchange things of value, like ransom, for their lives. In this case he has given the captain a lot of useful information about the conspiracies against the crown so the captain spared his life. He did not make any promises about what we would do but has promised Mendal to be an advocate.
• Califred points out that there are not enough bodies lying around. The captain tells us Mendal’s two body guards left the day before and are running errands for Mendal.
• The two dead elves are dressed in rich clothing. One of them was of the house Cerwyn. They were here to create allies with the goblins and fight the Elvin crown. There is some involvement of the Order of the Silver Sun but Falcon really doesn’t care about that aspect.
• Thumper takes off Mendal’s hood and gag and we start questioning him. Magnar picks him up, shakes him violently and gets his ugly face up into Mendal’s while screaming threats at him. When Mendal is unfazed, Magnar bites his ear off. Mendal still remains in control and doesn’t bat an eye. He negotiates and tells us he’ll tell us everything we ask about the information we’ve been seeking in exchange for his life. We dicker a little but eventually agree to the terms.
• Mendal has nothing to do with the Order of the Silver Sun but he does pass information along for them. The book we “gave” him had valuable information. There were things written in it (one of which was Mendal’s name) so it needed to be destroyed and was. Mendal came here to sell the book info and he had other business as well (which are what the two bodyguards went off to pursue). Mendal thinks the captain was a real idiot for writing down so many things in his journal. The Two Aspects is just some stupid thing the Order is doing. They are seeking the two aspects and are getting very frustrated. Time is running out for them although Mendal doesn’t know what the time limit is. The ship and crew were working for the Order of the Silver Sun and Mendal only knows two main sources for Silver Sun work; 1) Alaidius (Elvin Consul) who is the primary mover and shaker and 2) a barge master Kildore who works the river near the city of Elggin (a transit area from the Iron Mountains). Mendal doesn’t know why the ship went to the island where we found it. The rebels chose this borderland to run operations because of its porous border and not for ritual location considerations. Lots of information transits through this are too which makes it valuable to Mendal.
• Califred asks several questions about Captain Matterly. He is an interesting man, legendary, he shows up everywhere, he seems to be a catalyst, it’s often hard to tell what stories about him are true and which ones are fables.
• Thingul asks how he managed to do the book swap but he keeps it as a trade secret. He also asks Mendal if he’s heard of “the theft of a tome of Wild Ritual Magic to wake the Wild Hunts within the confederacy. Mendal admits it sounds vaguely familiar.
• Askiradin asks him what it would take to not be talking to Alaidius about us. Mendal says his immediate release without further damage would suffice. We have no further questions for him so we agree. Gara uses a healing spell and first aid to re-attach his ear.
• All along, Captain Falcon and Hound look amused at our questions.
• When we are about to leave Thingul goes over the Captain Falcon to shake his hand. The Captain passes him a golden coin with the head of a dog on it.
• We head down the trail back toward the port. We can make it back to the large goblin town after dark but it was heavily fortified, well-guarded and they didn’t seem to like strangers. We elect not to walk in on them in the dark and camp along the trail.
• On the third watch, Jevin, Maddie and Thingul are standing guard when they hear noises in the jungle. Snotty and Sparks wake up and start swearing. The guards start shouting to wake the rest up and we set up a hasty defensive circle as chitters begin swarming in on us. Maddie and Jevin climb trees. Sparks shouts out to kill as many as we can because the others will begin to eat their own and get distracted.
• The chitters seem to be countless. They surge against our outer perimeter for a short while then begin flowing through its center. When we kill or maim one the others drag it down and tear it to pieces like frenzied sharks. Jevin spends the entire battle up in the tree kicking and stabbing them one at a time as they advance on him. They eventually drag each of us down and swarm over us. The smith goes down first, then they beat Freddie into unconsciousness shortly followed by Thumper. Gara is moving around the battle field healing us, trying to keep us in the fight. Snow Summer turns into a bear and shreds a great many of them but it isn’t making much of a dent. Most of us are taking small amounts of damage as we slowly succumb and begin to drown in their numbers.
• Askaradin shouts out to Sparks that there is an oil flask in his pack. He tells him to get it and make a bomb. Sparks dumps out the content, grabs the flask and flings its contents all over. When it ignites there is a bright flash. At the same time Magnar stands up and roars out a great intimidating challenge. That finally breaks them and they begin to draw away, slowly at first then fleeing in a rout.
• We think we’ve killed over a hundred of them but will never know because they shredded and devoured the bodies so there were very few left to count.
• Even though we are bruised and battered the damage we took was not serious so we will be ready to move out in the morning.

• 40 XP
• It’s been 32 days since we met on the ship.
• Team funds:
413 copper
4 silver
Medium turquoise gem (120 CP)
Small jade gem (60 CP)
Small amber gem (70 CP)


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