Lords of Chaos

The adventure begins soon

February 2016 here we come!

A New Dawn
February 2016 Game Day

Present- Askaradin, Califred , Frederick, Gara, Gliffbom, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar “Scarface”, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul Celebrindol, Thumper

1. We wake in the hold of a merchant ship. Other than the two brothers none of us knows each other. A small boy is waiting for us to wake and when we do he leads us to the main deck to meet the captain. On the main deck we see about 15 crew members working a well maintained ship.
2. Captain Matterly greets us. He is middle aged with dark features and has a presence about him. The Ship is the Dawn Star and we are “guests”. We are expected to act like guests, keep out of the way of the crew and help with ship activities when necessary. The crew will be happy to talk to us as long as they are not distracted. The captain told us his ship “ranges farther out than most of its kind”.
3. We are turned over to Quartermaster Simms who answers whatever questions he can. He will be our point of contact and we are not to bother the captain. Simms is an older gentleman. We first hear a phrase from him that most of the crew voices during the voyage… “we’re not supposed to talk about that”. We don’t know where we are, how we got here, where we’re going or who paid for all this and why.
4. Thingul sees an elf up in the crows nest and scrambles up the rat lines to chat with him. From up high he can see no land on any horizon. The elf’s name is Silveria and he tells Thingul that we were brought in last night on a ship. It was a “bizarre” ship and the captain was expecting it. None of us have any memories of being on any ship before waking up in the hold. Several others of our party meet with crew members and begin helping with ship duties and starting conversations.
5. The captain always seems to know where he’s going. There is no navigator nor charts or compass that we can find. The captain is usually the helmsman as well. We see him steering all day and he is there throughout the night as well, only taking small breaks. Later we can see the setting sun and know we are heading northeast.
6. Oddities, Snow keeps popping in and out of a dog form and wakes up looking like a different person every day. Mato-ich looks like he’s from the Five Kingdoms and he is followed around by a very strange monkey. Gunga Sam is a Kenku, a large bird-man and immediately the chickenesque jokes begin that will undoubtedly continue for the next several years or until Gunga chokes. Freddie spends several days barfing up his guts but that’s not really all that odd.
7. On the third morning Califred wakes with a severe itching in his groin area. He goes to see the medic and they discover a white powdery substance. Hmmm….
8. The ship arrives at an island and the crew rows ashore to acquire fresh water and fruit. We have been invited to go ashore and bathe in the freshwater pools. While we are there cannibals armed with clubs emerge from forest and attack.
9. We form a wall of defenders in front of the pool and keep the archers within it. At first we do pretty well against even numbers but a second wave comes at us from the other side of the pool. With the help of some of the crew we eventually are victorious.
10. The battle allowed us to evaluate each other’s fighting skills. The battle also allows us to evaluate our own skills. We were pretty beat up afterwards. Magnar “scarface” has a broken arm. Askaradin fumbles and chops downward into Maddies leg breaking it. A few other wounds were suffered but should be healed pretty quick.
11. 40 experience points for the session. Split it evenly between combat and non-combat skills.

Meet Grella
March 2016 Game Day

Present- Askaradin, Califred , Gara, Gliffbom, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar “Scarface”, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul Celebrindol, Thumper

1. “Maddie is here too!” (I dunno. It was a loud voice on the recorder and I felt impelled to repeat it)
2. We are back on the ship. Two of our party have broken limbs and we have no means of fixing them other than time. The captain says he will take us to someone that can but it will take us a day to get there.
3. We approach a small rocky island and Captain Matterly explains that Grella lives here and she might see to our needs. Paki takes us to shore in a long boat. We enter a lagoon and land on a very small beach area.
4. Grella lives in a small hut just off the beach. Paki looks very nervous. When we enter the hut we are greeted by a very cheerful gypsy-like woman wearing bright colorful clothing. She has four arms and six eyes. She keeps calling us “boys and girls” and seems delighted to have visitors. She refers to all of us as human except for Gunga-Sam who is clearly non-human in her eyes. We tell her we have severe injuries and were hoping she could help us. She attends Maddie’s leg, kneading it, shoving her face in close and whispering to herself. Maddie feels the leg mend. Grella repeats the ritual on Magnar’s arm. We offer to bring her rare and exotic plant samples when we return.
5. She asks us to go collect some leaves for her tea. She tells us we might have to deal with some “naughty boys” who think they own the area where we might find the leaves. After a few questions it becomes obvious to us that the “boys” are some very large spiders. We are told to follow the path to a large pond where we will find the leave. About this time we discover that the strange monkey in our midst is apparently an herb gathering expert so he and Jevin lead the way down the path.
6. When we get to the pond most of us are warily watching the nearby trees. Jevin, Gliffbom and the monkey approach the edge of the pond where Gliffbom notices a skeleton lying in the shallow depths.
7. All of a sudden the local bird/insect/animal noises stop. Several of us notice movement within the treeline. This is quickly followed by several web lances shooting toward us, one of which glues Califred’s leg to the ground. We see more movement and shoot a few arrows toward them. Large spiders emerge from the trees and engage us in close combat. Several of us are hit by webs, some fire missiles, some engage with close combat weapons and others begin to grapple.
8. Jevin gets hit with multiple webs. Eventually they overwhelm him and slowly begin to drag his struggling body into the tree line.
9. The spiders swarm us from all directions making it hard to set a defensive barrier and we all become engaged. Maddie’s left arm is bitten severely and she loses it’s ability to function. She fights on, eventually moving over to kill the spider attacking Thumper.
10. Califred demonstrates his instant stand skill on several occasions. He rushes over to help free Jevin but he is the target of several web shots.
11. Snow Summer has been fighting in a dog form but a spider lands a brutal blow on her knocking her down. She transforms into an unconscious human and is out for the duration.
12. Gliffbom grabs Jevin under the arms and digs his heels into the ground trying to prevent the elf from being drug to his doom. At first he is successful in this tug-of-war but added spiders apply help and Gliffborn strains to remain in place.
13. Askaradin is bitten in his sword arm rendering it useless. He throws himself onto his spider opponent, crashing down on his shield like a giant hammer and squashes the enemy like a bug. <ha>
14. Magnar charges two timid spiders walking up the trail. The turn and run with a rabid Magnar hot on their tails (or whatever spiders have on their ass-ends)
15. Califred has joined Gliffbom in trying to save Jevin when the web-link snaps and all three go flying backwards. The spiders have had enough and flee deeper into the forest.
16. The battle of spider pond ends
17. The monkey collects some leave, Gliffbom pulls the skeleton out of the pond and finds some coins (7 CP to each of us). The skeleton looks to be like a head hunter that we fought a few days before.
18. Gunga-sam and a few other haul the spiders down to the beach and begin roasting them. They intend to haul them back to the ship and supply then to the crew for dinner.
19. We go see Grella again. We are covered in ichor, blood, sweat and mud. We give her the leaves and she heals us up again. We have a tea party. Mato-itch and Grella had time to talk of many things: of plants and herbs and cabbages and tiny things like seeds.
20. We move back to the boat. The crew has spider dinner and none of them seem to be bothered when a lot of the shore party refuse to eat the offerings.
21. The crew sets sail and the Dawn Star moves out to our next destination. Late at night Califred is on deck and he is overwhelmed by a creepy feeling. He looks around and sees a ship approaching. He points it out to the crew and they begin to stir. We don our armor and prepare for battle. The crew looks very nervous save for Captain Matterly. The visiting ship is elusive to the eyes and hard to focus on. We notice that it has black sails. Then it just disappears. At the same time the oppressive feeling fades away as well. We try to query the crew but nobody offers any information nor do they appear to have any. When the captain is asked her responds with “It’s nothing you need to concern yourselves about now”. (Does that imply that sometime in the future we will need to be concerned???)
22. Overall the crew just shrugs it off. They all say the same thing; “if it was something to worry about the captain would have done something about it”.
23. We killed about 14 spiders. 40 XP.

The Shipwreck
April 2016 game day

Present- Askaradin, Califred, Frederick, Gara, Gliffbom, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar “Scarface”, Snow Summer, Thingul Celebrindol, Thumper

1. Early in the day we sight an island and while sailing closer start noticing debris in the water. Closer still we notice a wrecked ship on the reef. The ship is laying at a 20 degree angle toward the starboard side, the masts have been sheared off and we see no survivors. It looks to be about the same size as the Dawn Star. The crew identifies it as an Elvin vessel.
2. The captain puts Paki in charge of the longboat and our team forms a boarding party. The Elvish ship has well worked wooden sides that are very smooth. Snow Summer assumes a hawk form, flies up to the deck and throws a rope over to us.
3. There is a lot of blood on the deck that appears to be several days old. There are a lot of weapons strewn about the deck. Over time it dawns on us that there are no animals around either.
4. We leave a look-out on deck and begin searching the cabins. We find a couple of books in the aft cabins. Jevin collects coppers and a few other trinkets. Gliffbom grabs anything that looks valuable.
5. We find the captain’s quarters in the bow. There is a safe and Jevin is able to crack it. Within is a bag of coins and gems plus a book. An adjacent room is the navigation center. We grab charts and any navigational equipment we can carry. The books are Elvish and Thingul is able to read them. The ones from aft are the purser’s journal and the other is the captain’s journal. The captains journal says they are on a quest to find “the two aspects” The crew apparently belongs to “the order of the silver sun”. Jevin recalls that this is an “elf only” organization (a secret society) that worships Raidan. [NOTE: Godsholme was created when brothers and mortal enemies Raidan (god of darkness) and Arathan (sun god) fought. Arathan’s fist is the symbol upon Askaradin’s armor. Raidan’s symbol is a silver sphere containing a clenched black fist…so… a silver sun?]
6. We grab some lanterns and head below decks. The mid deck has a bunch of usual garbage which we search through. This is probably where the cargo usually is but if this is a quest ship there shouldn’t be much if any. The steerage deck is partially flooded, deeper on the starboard side because of the listing. We start down the stairs and notice several floating bodies. Califred pokes his spear down into the water to see how deep it is.
7. An arm reaches out and grabs the spear then a humanoid body explodes out of the water, grabbing Califred’s head and dragging him underwater.
8. Everyone descends and tries to get into the steerage compartment. Thumper and Thingul have poor lines of sight so they climb back up to the open deck to get out of the way and set up a watch. Jevin slips while descending the stairs and falls into the water where another creature grabs him.
9. Thingul shouts as he sees other creatures starting to climb up the outside of the hull. They look humanoid (maybe elvish?) with a slimy glittering layer. None of us have ever seen anything like them before. Some of the group that has not been able to get into steerage climb back up to the main deck.
10. Magnar reaches into the water and lifts both Califred and his assailant up out of the water. Other creatures start piling onto Magnar’s back but he ignores them for a while. Eventually they pull him down with enough bodies. At this point Magnar systematically kills them one at a time throughout most of the battle. On the main deck the others keep thinking they hear a lion roaring below decks but it just turns out to be Magnar screaming (or laughing?
) when he tears a bad guy in half. On the port side of steerage, Jevin, Califred and Gliffbom are brawling with another group of creatures.
11. Gara positions herself on the middle deck so that she can quickly get to injured team mates in either battle above or below her. She reaches out and casts a healing spell on Califred first.
12. Askaradin goes over the side and into the longboat to help Paki fend off a creature. Snow Summer changes into a dog and starts harassing one of the creatures advancing on Thingul.
13. Jevin has been underwater thrashing about for a while and suddenly stops moving.
14. Maddie charges across the upper deck towards a couple of creatures that crawled over the gunnel. They grab her and use her momentum against her to hurl her off the ship. Then they pick up Freddie and toss him over as well.
15. Gara grabs Jevin and drags him to the middle deck. She casts a healing spell on him and starts applying first aid to get him breathing again.
16. Thingul drops his bow, grabs his spear and kills an advancing creature. Thumper withdraws to an upper deck and continues to pepper the enemy with arrows.
17. Maddie grabs Freddie and tries to push him through the hole in the hull which hopefully opens up into the steerage deck. Bad news/good news: She misses and uses his head as a small battering ram/this action slightly enlarges the hole. On her next attempt she inserts him into the ship and he pops up out of the water right behind Magnar.
18. Thingul goes down under a pile of bad guys. Thumper fires into that furball and kills one of the creatures [NOTE to self…. Don’t ever do that again].
19. Thumper throws a rope over the stern starboard side and Maddie climbs up it and launches back into the fray. Freddie works his way up the stairs and into the bow area where he throws another line over the starboard side.
20. Magnar mops up the last of the bad guys on the lower deck and then storms up the stairwell looking for new victims. Gliffborn walks through the hold terminating unconscious creatures.
21. Snow Summer is unconscious and the last bad guy grabs her and jumps over the side. Maddie dives overboard and grabs the bad guy, wrestling over Snow Summer. Askaradin then jumps over to join in the rescue and that’s enough to send the creature fleeing. We haul Snow Summer back on board and Gara heals her.
22. Treasure: 8 silver, 80 copper, 3 turquoise gems (20 CP/each), 1 topaz gem (40 CP), 1 Jade gem (60 CP)
23. 40 XP
24. Odd YouTube video award: Maddie is in the water screaming for a rope. A line is tossed over, she climbs back onto the deck and starts running. Halfway across the deck she slashes the back of Askaradin’s leg with her cutlass and, without slowing, sprints across the rest of the deck then dives overboard again. Total time on deck: 9.63 seconds. Hmmmm…..

A Clue
May 2016 Game Day

Present- Askaradin, Califred , Gara, Gliffbom, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar “Scarface”, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul Celebrindol, Thumper

1. We Return to the Dawn Star and give the journals to Jamie who is much better with the elven language than any of us. We hope he will be able to find something in them that we missed.
2. The journal tells us that the mystery ship (dubbed “Lollipop” by Gliffbom) had stopped at the island of Tauli and contacted someone named Mendal. The captain gave a report to Mendal and asked if there were any other orders. This implies that Mendal at least has the ability to receive information and pass on information if not being an autonomous authority figure.
3. The island is about a mile across and is located about 100 miles off the junction of the Goblin Marches and Sylvenian Confederacy border. The entrance to the harbor is heavily fortified for such a small town. Later the watch guards will tell us these are to ward off goblin raiders. The city is about 400 inhabitants and 80% elf. Humans make up most of the remaining. It is clear that the elves run the town and most of the merchant market.
4. We go into town trying to subtly discover information about Mendal. The word “subtle” was confused by some team members with its synonyms, “bullhorn” and “emergency broadcast system”.
5. We discover Mendal resides on the other side of the island and have a lengthy discussion about when and how to get there. By the time we get done its getting dark so we go back to the Dawn Star and will head out in the morning.
6. We replenish supplies which includes two dozen arrows for the archers.
7. In the morning we cross over the island on a path and arrive at a wooden structure that has a small dock on seaward side. The building is not substantial, there are no walls and overall it’s not much of a compound. In front of the building are two unarmed elves lounging around. There are no obvious defenses in the area and the elves are most assured of themselves. Most of us hang out at the edge of the forest but send Jevin, Califred, Thingul and Gliffbom ahead to parlay with the elves. They do some verbal dueling for a while until Jevin and Califred are allowed into the building to talk to Mendal. They meet him in a small room and he is sitting at a table. The plan is to pretend to want to sell the journal to Mendal to see his interest level. If he seems uninterested then we will suggest that authorities within the Sylvenian Confederacy might find the journal of some interest. What we really want to find out is what the mystery ship captain learned, what they were doing and anything about the two aspects or the silver sun organization.
8. (author’s note: maybe I’m misinterpreting the conversations but somewhere along the way we seemed to have shifted the authority away from Mendal and onto the mystery ship captain. The journal told us that the captain was reporting to Mendal and asking for orders but during our negotiations it sounds like we were thinking the other way around)
9. Mendal asks to see the journal to determine its value. Thingul, who is the journal carrier, is brought into the small room. Everyone is very careful not to let Mendal touch the journal. Jevin and Thingul start playing good cop/bad cop with Mendal. Thingul is very abrasive and at first it does not seem to bother Mendal but later we can tell Thingul is getting under his skin. Mendal suggests to Thingul that he mind his manners because “you are very far from home”. At this point something happens that Thingul misses (when his manipulating control unit [Mike] rolls a 97). Mendal offers a few coppers for the journal, Thingul places the book on the table. Mendal places one hand on the table top and the other hand flips through a few pages. Negotiations fail and the three leave the building.
10. Califred thumbs through the journal to determine if any pages are missing and it seems whole.
11. Snow Summer tells us that she changed forms and tried to sneak into the building but ran into some kind of magical barrier that she could not cross.
12. We cross back over the island expecting to be ambushed. Jevin detects some movement in the forest and a group of humans charges our left flank. It is a motley group with poor weapons and no armor. Shortly after engaging them another group comes charging out of the forest from the opposite side.
13. It is a fairly short battle. Essentially we quickly take out the left flank then double back and hit the others head on. There are many extra limbs on the battlefield. The morale of the right flank collapses and they run which we are happy to let them do.
14. We tend to our wounded enemies and separate them for questioning. We find out that last evening “someone” suggested that there were some rich tourists hiking through the forest the next day. They don’t know details about “someone”. They are a group of local thugs looking for a quick score against helpless people. The rumor started on the docks where some elf told Vinnie about an easy score. Unfortunately Magnar spread little pieces of Vinnie all over the battle field so this is a dead end. (Ha!)
15. We take our prisoners back to town and turn them over to the city watch.
16. Thingul suddenly realizes that he no longer has the journal. It is obvious to us that somehow Mendal has acquired it and will probably be expecting us to charge back and get it.
17. The Plan for next session: quickly spread rumors that we were much more bashed up than we let on. We are demoralized and bickering. We’ll depart in the ship and sail off into the sunset. After dark we’ll double back to the far side of the island and launch a sneak attack against Mendal’s compound.
18. There was no mention of Leon, the mysterious tortoise. 
19. 60 experience

To the Goblin Marches
June 2016 Game Day

· Present; Askaradin__, Califred, Gara, Gliffbom, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar “Scarface”, Mato-ich (and friends), Snow Summer, Thingul Celebrindol, Thumper.

· We go back to the wreck island. The wreck has been burnt down to the waterline and is still smoldering. It does not appear to be an explosion. We sail around the island. Snow Summer flies over the island as a hawk then scouts it as a bloodhound. We find no survivors or evidence that there ever has been any.

· We now have three options: a) just continue with the captain on his journey b) go back to Tauli c) head to the Goblin Marches which are referenced in the ships log. We opt for the last option and head to the freeport of Lenahgwah. A trip of 3.5 days.

· The port is large, hundreds of ships(?). there are lots of goblinoids present but very few orcs.

· Immediately upon disembarking we are accosted by a young goblin named Sparks. He is very enthusiastic and wants to be our guide while in the port. He’ll help us for a copper a day. We accept and he proves to be a very worthwhile investment.

· We tell Sparks we want to visit the religious quarter and he decides we’re pilgrims. The buildings are not grand structures like we’d find in most large cities. These buildings are very basic structures. Not a lot of locals come here. Sparks takes us and introduces us to Nor the temple of Raidan’s head priest. We question Nor at length and Thingul asks about attending services. We are welcome to the midnight service and start making plans to attend.

· Jevin goes shopping and buys three flasks of acid.

· Sparks takes us to the harbor master and we make up stories to ask about any elvish ships. After much negotiations (and donations to his children’s college fund) we discover that the ship comes through here often and stops for a few days. We find that the captain always heads out of town to visit someone called Snert. Sparks knows where Snert is and suggests we go visit him tomorrow morning. We decide to skip midnight mass tonight and will attend the next night.

· The next morning Sparks is waiting for us on the dock. We leave the city via a poor gate and a couple of guards that don’t seem very attentive. Snert is a bit of a loaner and deals in information. He doesn’t really have friends and enemies. He’s just an information source. We travel down a very wide path that winds through thick forest.

· Ahead we notice that the terrain looks like its swaying. Soon we notice that there are a group of 60 chitters walking totally synchronized in stepping and swaying. In the center of them is a goblin that is painted in very vibrant colors and has colorful bird feathers attached to his hair. Sparks tells us that it is Grall. We all step off to the side of the trail, Sparks bows and we follow suit. Grall stops and all 60 chitters immediately do the same without any command. They don’t move or look around. We notice that none of them are breathing either. Grall makes a point of looking over Mato-itch. Grall says something and the chitters part. He walks up to us and starts talking to Sparks, asking about us. Sparks introduces us as religious pilgrims. The scene is pretty tense and feels like a fight will break out but Grall seems reluctantly satisfied, takes his chitters and begins his synchronized marching back down the trail. Sparks tells us that Grall is a very powerful necromancer. Thumper wonders if the things that attacked us on the wreck might be from Grall.

· Snert lives alone in a cottage about five miles out of town. Sparks introduces us and we start asking questions. Thingul acts as the primary spokesman and says he is looking for his twin. We notice that Snert reacts to mention of twins. Snert know the ship and the captain we are looking for and confirms that on their last trip out they were headed for Tauli. He says the captains name was Illyus. He knew the captain was looking for something and he seemed to be getting more desperate. Whatever he was looking for must be very well hidden. Snert says he doesn’t know anything about Mendal or the Order of silver sun. He tells us that the captain was guided out here by a new goblin guide which Sparks tells us later that the guides name is Snotty.

· We head back to town. Along the way Gliffbom hears something like a low rumbling. He almost felt it rather than heard it. A large tree thing rushes us out of the forest, its 9 feet tall and flailing branches and vines. The branches have a reach of 10 feet. When it runs it rushes forward with a tremendous burst of speed. Sparks shrieks “It’s a shamble! Run!”

· The Shambler parries with multiple branches, when the branches attack the act like spears. One of them attacks Gara and she breaks it in two (01). Gliffbom conducts a small clinic on fumbling (100 & 98). The Shambler bowls over Magnar and Askaradin. Snow Summer turns into a bear and start clawing the thing.

· Right in the middle of the battle we realize a guy has been following us around all day. He’s wearing a long trench coat, a hat, a beard and sunglasses. We think he’s a member of ZZ Top so haven’t been asking him any questions. Those guys need their privacy. He hits the Shambler with a large hammer and hurts it pretty good.

· Califred has been trying to start a fire and Sparks is standing next to him. The Shambler rushes up and Sparks screams. The Shambler takes out Califred’s left arm and leg so he falls over. In a moment of extreme bravery Sparks grabs Califred and starts dragging him away from the Shambler.

· The Shambler rounds on Gliffbom and pounds him with several blows which knocks him unconscious. Jevin uses one of his new acid flasks and burns it for a lot of damage. With more and more damage piled on it finally succumbs to our attacks and falls over dead. We light it on fire and start healing up our wounded. Sparks waits a few minutes then goes over and pokes the dead Shambler with his dagger.

· When we pass through the city gates we start praising Sparks in front of the other goblins in order to boost his status. Gliffbom presents his dwarven dagger to Sparks for his outstanding bravery and Sparks is very proud of it.

· We go find Snotty. He admits he guides captain Illyus when he’s in town. The last time he was here he was really grumpy and didn’t tip very well. He said he also takes him to go see an elf called Illydius. He tells Sparks how to get to the elf’s house.

· Next session we’ll go visit Illydius and probably sail to Grella’s island for some healing.

· 40 XP

We visit the Liason
July 2016 Game Day

• Present; Askaradin, Califred, Gliffbom, Fredderick, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• Technical difficulties resulted in early lack of audio from the remote players. Since then the operator has received advanced training and certification in the correct operation of the volume button.
• We get Califred’s leg healed up as best as possible but he needs to use a crutch
• Sparks is now proudly displaying his new knife on a bandolier. Gliffbom points out a better way for him to carry the weapon.
• The elf we want to go see is really named Allodaius and he is within the gated foreign quarter. The houses are built and decorated much better than the rest of town. Snotty takes us to the home where he guided the captain. There is a setback in the front that has goblin security guards. Their equipment is very good, much better than anything else we’ve seen on goblins. The house is about 100 feet on a side, three stories high and no windows on the ground floor.
• Mato-ich introduces himself to the guards and asks to see the master of the house. They retrieve a young male elf that we assume is the secretary to Allodaius. We’re told to come back tomorrow morning.
• We pay Sparks and Snotty to set up a surveillance team on the estate, Freddy stays there and watches too. Askaradin and Snow Summer head to the religious district. Everyone else heads back to the ship to watch for spies there and at the harbor master.
• Askaradin and Snow Summer go to the Arathan and ask about “the two aspects” and Raidan high holidays. They then go to the temple of Horan (knowledge) they discover that a solar event will happen in two months.
• Thumper speaks to the captain and voices his concerns about the twins and suggests increased security, plus not letting the twins to go ashore. The captain has already anticipated this and points out that the twins are never seen together above deck, only one at a time. During the night Thumper momentary thinks he sees someone watching the ship but then dismisses it.
• The next morning we go back to the estate and are ushered in to see the house master. Thingul detects some perimeter magic as we pass through the gates. We are offered refreshments. Thingul feels more magic within the meeting room but it’s elusive to him. A very tall elf enters and has a patrician air about him. Askaradin is elected our spokesperson and engages Allodaius in conversation. He describes the wreck and what we’ve found and how the leads came back to him. We are wondering if he would like to hire us to discover the mystery of the ship and the fate of its crew. Allodaius claims no ownership or interest in the ship or crew. He is not interested in our offer. He’s very polite but denies all knowledge of any question we ask him. He informs us that he is a diplomat, a liaison officer for house Cerwyn (one of the major royal families that compete at the Woodland Court, also the house that Thingul belongs to.)
• We head off to visit Grella and get Califred’s broken leg. We hire the goblins to keep watch on Allodais ‘s activities while we’re gone.
• Along the way we have a discussion about what we are doing and why we are hunting down information on the wreck. See post game emails for more detail.
• We head back to the Goblin Marches port (the freeport of Lenaugwah) and there are a group of goblins wanting to be hired. We wait and eventually Sparks shows up. He tells us that an elf arrived in port and went to visit Allodaius. Sparks has a friend that works for the harbor master and tells us the ship called the Wylde Ride came from Tahuli and has left again. This ship often makes port here and trades between the elves and goblins. Sparks tells us the description of the elf and it sounds like Mendal. There were two other elves with him. After visiting Allodaius the trio of elves departed the city to the north. Sparks tells us he left “the day before last night’s dinner”.
• We gather Sparks and Snotty and leave town heading north. Thingul passes out Mendal-capture-kits (hood, short ropes, mouth gags). Several miles out of town the scout (Thumper) walks past an ambush that unloads on the main party. The ambush is a large number goblins that charge out of the woods, climb trees and jump down on us, they swarm over our group and engage all of us. The bear shreds a lot of them, Freddie does a surprising amount of damage by just standing there and convincing the goblins to fumble every turn. Near the end of the battle Freddie’s sword suddenly bursts into flames. By the end of the battle half of us have been drug down by the goblins into grappling. At the end of the battle we have two unconscious goblins and three more that are still kicking. The rest have fled. We question them but they are simply bandits. Sparks and Snotty know a few of them. We let them go.
• 40 XP

Troll Exterminators Inc.
August Game Day 2016

• Present; Askaradin, Califred, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• Mato-ich is still critically hurt from the prior session. Snow Summer reveals that she can now turn into a goblin and cautions everyone to be careful who they hit.
• We head down the path following Mendal’s party, that has a day’s lead over us . About 5 miles out we run into a Goblin village. It’s a village dedicated to tanning animal hides. Sparks asks around and finds out that Mendal’s party has been through here.
• We continue down the trail. Occasionally we run into other goblins. We arrive at a second village (10 miles out) near evening. Before heading in we make up a cover story, we are a group trying to catch up with the preceding elf party. We were hired to pass on a message of great importance to them which will affect their mission. We go into the village to secure lodging for the night.
• The village leader (Gabo) sends word that he wants to speak to us. We go meet him. He’s very old and has a translator with him. He asks us what our business is and we tell him our cover story. Thingul acts as our group leader. We get invited to a large village feast and we accept. We prep and when we arrive we are invited to the Gabo’s table. We can see the village pecking order by the seating arrangement. Some of us pretend to be body guards and decline from the food and drink. Most of the goblins ask probing questions to each of us.
• They ask us about Mendal’s party and we point out that we don’t know them and they are not our friends, we just have to get a message to him. We’re told that he and his group were not very well behaved. Essentially the Gabo is in control of an area near the Confederacy and elf/goblin interactions are usually pretty harsh. We use this opportunity to smooth issues and build a friendship with the Gabo and his village. We tell him that we do not know what his mission is and are a bit confused why he’s here. We ask where he is and if the Gabo has any suspicion about what he’s doing. The Gabo tells us that he suspects Mendal and others are gathering to create circumstances that will not be helpful to the Confederacy or Goblins. We tell him we were suspicious of such things. The Gabo suggests an exchange. There are a couple of Trolls nearby and if we should take care of this problem for him he would be willing to give up some information about Mendal.
• The next day we venture into the triple tiered jungle and find the troll cave. We lay out a brilliant ambush in front of the cave and begin our attack. Unfortunately the trolls have been off in the jungle torturing little bunny foo foo and they slam into us from the flank. They are 9 feet tall, have large mouths with lots of teeth, regenerate to heal wounds, AC of 5 and are moving swiftly. Maddie takes on a troll all by herself and the troll shreds her. Then it shreds Mato-ich’s butler. Mato-ich casts sanctuary on varios team mates as the battle rolls over the top of him. The first Troll goes down and Califred douses it with oil and ignites it. He and Thumper start piling sticks and brush on it making a bonfire. The other troll then shreds Thingul. Everyone piles onto the other troll and starts hacking it up. When it goes down a bon fire springs up on its carcass.
• Throughout the battle Gara has been moving around healing people. After the battle she stabilizes the unconscious people but we’ll be needing some serious healing attention to bring them back online.
• Jevin, Califred and Gunga Sam walk into the cave, paw through the garbage and collect 66 copper pieces. There are small passageways at the back of the cave that lead downward.
• Gabo appreciates the help we’ve rendered the village and offers to call in a healing specialist to take care of our seriously hurt companions. It will take a couple of days and we agree. The next day Groll and his chitter marching band show up along with others and they heal the deeply wounded. Groll (necromancer) doesn’t heal but he spends a lot of time watching us and walking up to us and staring into our eyes.
• The Gabo sets us down and says “what gives? What are you really doing?” we fess up and tell him everything. It’s clear he had some knowledge about this before asking. We tell it in a way that expands on our story so it doesn’t look like we lied to him. He and other village leaders are not happy with elves gathering in the area. He understands our caution and wants to work with us. He will send us to a chieftan much closer to the gather that can give us more detailed information about what Mendal and others are doing. We need to travel north about four days. He gives a rock that is a token we need to give to the other village leader.
• We have another feast. This time we all engage and don’t pretend to be body guards. Groll is a guest of honor along with the rest of us.
• Party fund = X + 66 copper. Our team treasurer was out so the value of X is questionable. I’m pretty sure it’s 27,394 copper pieces but I’m old and sometimes my brain doesn’t work.
• 40 XP

Assault on the Compound
September Game Day 2016

• Present; Askaradin, Califred, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• We head north expecting a four day trek to the next Goblin village. (notable trail quotes: “I dunno, let me ask my weasel”, “just cuz it looks like it’s 100 doesn’t mean it’s 100”
• On day two of the hike we came across a poor looking Goblin village made up of many hide huts. An Orc is tied to a stake at center of town. We try to talk to him with no results. Jevin pays his Goblin guard a copper piece which allows him to throw three rocks at him.
• On the fourth day of the hike we start to smell smoke. Thumper sees a Goblin in a tree along the trail and calls up Thingul, Sparks and Snotty who talk to the Goblin. We proceed farther down the trail and enter a well guarded Gobllin village that is very large. It has a stout defensive perimeter and the guards are alert. The occupants in other villages were very indifferent. The villagers here stare at us, some of them with a hostile look. Everyone is interested in us. We are taken to the feast hall where their chief is. He is a crusty old Goblin. Mato-ich casts a CHA enhancement spell on Thingul who then greets the chieftain. Thingul offers the rock to him, he looks at it and then drops it on the table. He starts ranting about all the elves running around the jungle. Finally he asks us what we are doing. We find out there are two elf groups nearby. One occupies some kind of compound and the other ghosts around the jungle and are rarely seen.
• We talk to the the chieftain’s lieutenant and find out they don’t know who Mendal is but they saw his party pass through the area. The compound is about six hours more to the north near the border of the Elvin Confederacy. There are two wooden structures there of normal size for the amount of occupants. There is no evidence of digging and several Goblins have been seen going in and out.
• The lieutenant agrees to haul us up north to a location where the Goblins have been observing the compound. We stay overnight in the village and start out in the morning. we are placed in jail cells and the guards are very competent.
• When we get to the observation post we can essentially see the rooftops. The trees press in right up to the compound. There are no walls and not much of a clearing. There are guards around the perimeter and are armed with sword and shield or bows.
• We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to engage in surveillance of the compound. Finally Snow Summer turns into a hawk and flies up into the trees near the compound.
• We set up a perimeter watch around the observation post and wait for Snow Summers return. Suddenly an elf stands up in the middle of our perimeter. He seemingly rises up out of the ground and is wearing a lot of camo. Without missing a beat, Thingul looks at him and says “what took you so long?” which invokes a smile from the intruder. (Thingul is subsequently nominated for the Cool Hand Luke award).
• The intruder introduces himself as “Hound”. We find out he and others are observing the compound. We tell Hound generally what we are up to. He tells us to wait here and walks off into the jungle, away from the compound. An hour later he returns with his boss, Captain Falcon. He tells us we have a common goal. They belong to the Order of the Besengi, they serve the crown of the Elvin Confederacy. (They are subsequently dubbed Elf Team Six by Califred). They have a concern that the compound is working against the crown and are ready to move against it.
• We tell Captain Falcon everything we know hoping they can fill in some gaps for us. He tells us that the elves in the compound are from House Cerwin and are buying Goblin influence to affect elven matters. He doesn’t know Mendal. He tells us that one of the compound occupants is a member of the Silver Order. They consider it a cult and keep a list of names of it’s members. He doesn’t know what the “two aspects” are. They think a few other cult members have travelled through the compound but are not there now. The Goblins that have been visiting are Goblins of note and power although none of them are presently in the compound.
• There are about 20 mercenaries guarding the compound and dwell in one of the structures. He asks us to help with a joint attack on the compound. Our job is to hit the mercenaries and draw them away from the structure with the elven leaders. While we draw them into battle our new allies will strike the other group.
• We approach in column and quickly spread out as we get near. The archers are forward and on the flanks. At first there are only a couple of mercenaries guarding the area in front of us. Once we engage them others reinforce them on each of their flanks. As a group we shift to the left rather than engage all of them at once. this forces lightly armored Jevin and Califred to lead the charge on the left flank. These are our first foes that use archery and shields. Fortunately for us they don’t seem to know how to use either. By the end of the battle very few of us are in need of Gara’s services. Overall, the speed and efficiency in which we dealt with the enemy was very satisfying. They finally surrendered and we tied them up. We quickly moved through the guardhouse and looted it.
• Notable events during the battle: Jevin melted a guys face off when he hit him with a flask of acid. Califred grappled a merc, knocked him out, instantly stood, grabbed his buddy and took him down as well all in a single round. Askaradin was about to take a critical wound but with the blessing of Arathan countered with a critical parry. Ha!
• Immediately after the battle we notice that there is an eerie silence in the compound. We expected to hear our allies storming the other structure tearing apart the elvin leaders. TO BE CONTINUED….

• 40 XP
LOOT: 97 copper, 4 silver, Medium turquois gem (120 copper), small Jade gem (60c), small Amber gem (70c). With last sessions loot that come to 163 copper pieces plus whatever our lost dwarf had stashed away.
TIME: It’s been 31 days since we met on the ship.

October Game Day 2016

• Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• After last sessions battle it’s silent. The primary hut is 100 feet beyond the one we overran last session. We spread out and approach it. We are wary of illusions. Thumper advances ahead of the party and sees a dead elf laying in the doorway, his head is twisted awkwardly because his neck has been broken. Thumper hears Captain Falcon speaking from within so he enters. There is a single large room. Two dead elves lay on the floor, one with a dagger buried in his eye the other with a crossbow bolt in the chest. In the center of the room is a table with two chairs. Mendal is tied to one chair and Captain Falcon is sitting in the opposite one.
• Thumper gags Mendal and throws a bag over his head then calls the others in. Most of the team enter the hut but a few stand guard just outside. We take steps to determine if there are illusions about.
• Califred spends a lot of time scanning the nearby brush actively hunting for Hound. Later on Hound suddenly appears beside Califred and it’s pretty obvious he is toying with him.
• The captain tells us Mendal has declared Wereguild, which is how rich prisoners exchange things of value, like ransom, for their lives. In this case he has given the captain a lot of useful information about the conspiracies against the crown so the captain spared his life. He did not make any promises about what we would do but has promised Mendal to be an advocate.
• Califred points out that there are not enough bodies lying around. The captain tells us Mendal’s two body guards left the day before and are running errands for Mendal.
• The two dead elves are dressed in rich clothing. One of them was of the house Cerwyn. They were here to create allies with the goblins and fight the Elvin crown. There is some involvement of the Order of the Silver Sun but Falcon really doesn’t care about that aspect.
• Thumper takes off Mendal’s hood and gag and we start questioning him. Magnar picks him up, shakes him violently and gets his ugly face up into Mendal’s while screaming threats at him. When Mendal is unfazed, Magnar bites his ear off. Mendal still remains in control and doesn’t bat an eye. He negotiates and tells us he’ll tell us everything we ask about the information we’ve been seeking in exchange for his life. We dicker a little but eventually agree to the terms.
• Mendal has nothing to do with the Order of the Silver Sun but he does pass information along for them. The book we “gave” him had valuable information. There were things written in it (one of which was Mendal’s name) so it needed to be destroyed and was. Mendal came here to sell the book info and he had other business as well (which are what the two bodyguards went off to pursue). Mendal thinks the captain was a real idiot for writing down so many things in his journal. The Two Aspects is just some stupid thing the Order is doing. They are seeking the two aspects and are getting very frustrated. Time is running out for them although Mendal doesn’t know what the time limit is. The ship and crew were working for the Order of the Silver Sun and Mendal only knows two main sources for Silver Sun work; 1) Alaidius (Elvin Consul) who is the primary mover and shaker and 2) a barge master Kildore who works the river near the city of Elggin (a transit area from the Iron Mountains). Mendal doesn’t know why the ship went to the island where we found it. The rebels chose this borderland to run operations because of its porous border and not for ritual location considerations. Lots of information transits through this are too which makes it valuable to Mendal.
• Califred asks several questions about Captain Matterly. He is an interesting man, legendary, he shows up everywhere, he seems to be a catalyst, it’s often hard to tell what stories about him are true and which ones are fables.
• Thingul asks how he managed to do the book swap but he keeps it as a trade secret. He also asks Mendal if he’s heard of “the theft of a tome of Wild Ritual Magic to wake the Wild Hunts within the confederacy. Mendal admits it sounds vaguely familiar.
• Askiradin asks him what it would take to not be talking to Alaidius about us. Mendal says his immediate release without further damage would suffice. We have no further questions for him so we agree. Gara uses a healing spell and first aid to re-attach his ear.
• All along, Captain Falcon and Hound look amused at our questions.
• When we are about to leave Thingul goes over the Captain Falcon to shake his hand. The Captain passes him a golden coin with the head of a dog on it.
• We head down the trail back toward the port. We can make it back to the large goblin town after dark but it was heavily fortified, well-guarded and they didn’t seem to like strangers. We elect not to walk in on them in the dark and camp along the trail.
• On the third watch, Jevin, Maddie and Thingul are standing guard when they hear noises in the jungle. Snotty and Sparks wake up and start swearing. The guards start shouting to wake the rest up and we set up a hasty defensive circle as chitters begin swarming in on us. Maddie and Jevin climb trees. Sparks shouts out to kill as many as we can because the others will begin to eat their own and get distracted.
• The chitters seem to be countless. They surge against our outer perimeter for a short while then begin flowing through its center. When we kill or maim one the others drag it down and tear it to pieces like frenzied sharks. Jevin spends the entire battle up in the tree kicking and stabbing them one at a time as they advance on him. They eventually drag each of us down and swarm over us. The smith goes down first, then they beat Freddie into unconsciousness shortly followed by Thumper. Gara is moving around the battle field healing us, trying to keep us in the fight. Snow Summer turns into a bear and shreds a great many of them but it isn’t making much of a dent. Most of us are taking small amounts of damage as we slowly succumb and begin to drown in their numbers.
• Askaradin shouts out to Sparks that there is an oil flask in his pack. He tells him to get it and make a bomb. Sparks dumps out the content, grabs the flask and flings its contents all over. When it ignites there is a bright flash. At the same time Magnar stands up and roars out a great intimidating challenge. That finally breaks them and they begin to draw away, slowly at first then fleeing in a rout.
• We think we’ve killed over a hundred of them but will never know because they shredded and devoured the bodies so there were very few left to count.
• Even though we are bruised and battered the damage we took was not serious so we will be ready to move out in the morning.

• 40 XP
• It’s been 32 days since we met on the ship.
• Team funds:
413 copper
4 silver
Medium turquoise gem (120 CP)
Small jade gem (60 CP)
Small amber gem (70 CP)


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