Lords of Chaos

Mysterious Island

December Game Day 2016

Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Mato-ich, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

• Askaradin buys a leather cover for his shield to hide emblems.
• We leave the port and sail northward. We plan for the journey to take at least a week. On the second day we see a ship with black sails following us just before nightfall but it never closes with us.
• On the fifth day a fog rolls in that grows thicker. The captain brings in the sails and slows the ship. The fog increases until our visibility is about 10 feet. We sail out of a wall of fog and into a small lagoon on an island. The fog clips the island to the left and right and deeper inland. The beach extends 50 feet from a very thick forest. A path leads into the interior of the island. There is a body lying on the beach. We get the long boat and tie a small line to the ship leading to the shore so we can find our way back to the ship if the fog rolls in.
• We guard along the tree line while a couple go down to the body and examine it. There are no footprints on the beach or trail. The body is an elf wearing very strange and old clothes. It is desiccated but not rotting. There is a wound on his chest that we assume was created by a sword. There is a blood stain on surrounding the hole. No animals have been chewing on the body. Thingul casts a detect magic on the body and he gets returns not only on the body but everything around it too, the beach, the island and etc. It’s like a background noise that covers everything.
• We head up the trail which is large enough for two abreast. The path is hard packed and does not reveal footprints. The trail almost looks groomed because there are no leaves or branches on it, there are also no overhanging limbs but none have them been pruned. After a while we notice the bushes and trees along the trail are twisted into different forms. They are almost banzai-like but again, no pruning, just shaped and growing that way. They are very beautiful and show motion in the subjects. Mato-ich notices that some trees and bushes are unusual to be growing together. There is also a large number of animals in the area. We assume this is some kind of maintained garden.
• The trail opens up into a small clearing. In the center is a tall hut which is made of trees that have naturally grown together. There is an open doorway and over it’s entrance is a sign with an acorn and a butterfly. In front of the hut there are bodies and skeletons. The bodies are elf and look like the one we found on the beach. There are also three humans in ancient armor. Thingul identifies this as a place of Sylvara (nature goddess) and begins praying to her. Mato-ich stays far away from the hut. Thumper enters the hut and notices a large statue of Sylvara at the far side with hands out in front holding a glowing spear. There are human bodies in front of the statue and an elf as well. As he steps in the room fills with brush, he hears something crashing through brush, a horn in the distance and baying hounds. Thumper turns and runs out. Maddie enters and repeats the whole process. Thingul then enters and gets in a bit farther. He notices the spear is glowing.
• The skeletons start rising. There are three outside and about six inside. When they touch us they knock a few points of willpower off us. We quickly kill the three out in front of the hut. Thingul casts entanglement in the entrance and a few of us bottle them up there. When we hit the skeletons the impact was odd, more than brittle bone but more resistance than it should. We worry that it represents something other than what it appears. Freddie starts lighting them on fire. One of the downed skeletons gets back up. They are regenerating. We start to notice even the burned skeletons are regenerating. We can see the bones fusing together and repairing. We try to beat them with overwhelming damage hoping it will knock them out but the regeneration continues. Thumper fires into the engagement with the Smith hoping to hit his/her/its opponents. Nope. The Smith goes down freeing two skeletons. Oops!!!
• Thumper thinks that maybe the spear in the statue’s hands is the key. He suggests everyone falls back and draws the skeletons away from the hut. When we do that then Thingul can try to rush past them and into the hut. We slowly fall back and draw them away. Mato-ich casts a sanctuary spell on Thingul who sprints through a gap in the skeletons and into the hut. He presses into the thick vegetation having to make a saving throw at every step. When he gets to the statue he lays his spear before it, offers up a prayer and takes the statue’s spear. As soon as he lifts it the skeletons all collapse and are no longer threatening us. The sounds stop and the vegetation disappears. The spear is very sharp and is of Elvin make. The shaft is not straight but looks like a branch with many bends and twists. The tip is made out of a fine metal that we can’t identify.
• We head back to the ship. Several of us have taken a lot of willpower wounds which eventually heal.
• It’s been 42 days since we met on the ship.
• 40 XP. REMINDER: if you have crossed 500 point fame points you can add +1 point to an ability. You cannot advance that ability beyond the racial limit of your character.
Team funds:
o 177 copper
o 4 silver
o Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem



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