Lords of Chaos

Into Anivere

April Game Day 2017

Present; Askaradin, Gara, Gunga Sam, Mato-ich, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

· Sherry produces an evil plate of Rice Krispy treats that perpetually replenish themselves. We suspect fairy magic. [Thank you Sherry!]

· On Monday we start diets to remove the 25 lbs acquired from the perpetual Rice Krispy treats.

· Askaradin gets a summons from the Elgan high priest and he immediately responds. He tells the priest about our trip north and the evidence of Raidan. He knows Kildore left town and it is a good path to follow, he is headed to Northwich in Anivere. Kildore never seemed to be a bad person but now there are some suspicions. The high priest in Northwich is called Malthus and we should be check in with him. He gives to Askaradin several potions, Heal 1 , Furry 2, a very ornate bottle of Heal 3.

· Since we are headed into Anivere, Thumper reveals some of his past for the first time. He had to flee Anivere because he was falsely accused of murder. There are some powerful people there that were looking for him. There might be wanted posters with his face printed on them. He will be known as Thumper or Wallace. While in Anivere he asks that he be called “Wally” because none of his old circle of acquaintances would ever call him that. When he left Anivere he was blond with no facial hair which he has allowed to grow. He works with Mato-ich to disguise him and make his hair black. Winston will be residing in the backpack when others are present.

· We head out in the morning crossing over the river and move into Anivere. Several days later we walk into a border village called “Bardon on the Water” and we are approached by the “mayor” and he says he was hoping that the rangers had sent us. There are some bandits working the area and they kidnapped the mayor’s daughter (Meg) the day before. Things like that happen from time to time and they ask for a ransom that is reasonable. This time they asked for an extraordinary amount (5 silver pieces) that cannot be paid. It doesn’t make sense, they know the village does not have this much money and they’ve never asked for this much before. His daughter is 12 years old and he asks us to rescue her. There are upwards of 100 bandits. We negotiate a fee which includes food and after dickering we agree to a payment amount. We are concerned that Kildore has set this up as a distraction to delay our pursuit of him, the ransom amount is what suggests it to us. The bandit chief is called Harold who is a large redheaded Norseman. The Mayor provides us a guide to take us to the area where the bandits usually camp.

· When we get near what we think is the bandit base we stop. Snow Summer goes off into the woods and creates an infomercial about how NOT to roll dice. Unfortunately, nobody buys her product and she doesn’t earn any money. She puts on a demonstration of how to be detected, how to be attacked, how to get the crap beat out of you and how to be captured. None of the rest of the party know this is happening.

· We need to set up pre-scouting expectations for the non-scouting team member options and suggest retreat options for the scout when opportunities start to sour.

· Game Note: The GM takes Lisa/Snow Summer into another room for secret resolution to events.

· Since we never set up an expectation of scouting time or alternate actions on our part depending variable things we just sit and wait. When Snow Summer fails to show up we agree to wait an hour then go look for her. When we hear an enraged bear screaming we charge down the trail assuming she is in trouble and trying to fight her way out. We run into about 15 bandits, a few of them archers and we engage them. They don’t seem too professional and the battle takes place in the forest. Thumper sends Winston into the camp to look for Snow Summer, hoping he might be intelligent enough to aid her if possible.

· We fight with the bandits and when they break and run we charge down the trail into the bandit camp. We need to find Snow Summer quickly but are watching for an ambush. At a distance we see Harold who is holding his hands up over his head and he’s yelling for us to stop or they will kill our friend. Harold offers to give up Snow Summer if we just walk off. We negotiate. Askaradin offers 10 CP for the girl plus the release of Snow Summer. Winston is proudly sitting on a trussed up Snow Summer content of following orders to find her. He gets a Scooby treat.

· Meg tells us that she overheard them talking about meeting an elf and being paid to delay us. Snow Summer is pretty beat up so she gets healing. We recover 29 CP which go into the club fund, less the 10 paid back to Askaradin.

· We bring Meg back to the village. We grab some quick food but are desperate to make tracks and not waste any more time. We assume similar delay tactics will confront us on our journey so we agree to bypass any other villages we come upon. We also agree to set a hard pace, not quite a forced march. Northwich is about 100 miles. We push 40 miles in 2 days and stop the session at that point.

· Thumper is concerned because the mayor said he had sent word to the Rangers. They are probably on their way and we might run into them. He will need to stay alert on the trip south.

· 40 XP for the session.

· It’s been 65 days since we met on the ship

Team funds:

o 201 copper

o 3 silver

o Small jade gem (60 CP)Small gem



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