Lords of Chaos

Into Northwich

May Game Day 2017

Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.
• We are making an aggressive trek across Anivere at 20 miles/day. At the end of day two a human walks out of the woods and into our camp. Thumper is disguised (thanks to Mato-itch) and Thingul casts a change appearance spell on him. It’s a ranger and he sits a while asking questions to find out what we are doing here. Thumper does not engage in the conversation. We are sure there are other rangers in the forest watching us.
• After the ranger leaves we invent a story for being in Anivere and for moving so fast.
• We arrive in Northwich late on the 5th day. There are no walls around the city. We pass the gate guards with quick questions then make our way to the temple of Arathane and meet with the High Priest. We tell him our story and he sends agents out to investigate. We are offered room and board.
• The high priest tells us that Kildore definitely is in town and they are watching him. He’s a little vague and we offer our assistance wherever we can.
• We consider that since the Silver Sun met at a remote warded cabin in Elgan maybe they do the same thing here in Northwich. We head down to the local Ranger station and ask if they know about any remote cabins that are warded or people feel like avoiding. Thumper stays in the temple. Jevin asks them for the information and while he’s doing that he plays around with the golden Besenji coin the Rangers in the Goblin Marches gave us. The coin fascinates the Ranger that greets them (apparently the Besenji was the focus of his thesis) and the conversation goes well. The Rangers tell the team of a place a day’s march out that they’ve been watching and fits the conditions we are looking for. They make a map for us.
• The temple moves us out of town in the darkness of the early morning without being noticed. We hike hard out to the site then creep up on the cabin. We see the movement of a sentry and charge blindly into their force. They are elves and they’ve been waiting for us. An equal number of swordsmen oppose us. As we close, six archers appear, three on each flank. The next round a wizard appears behind the line and starts bombing us with spells then he sets up a shield that we cannot penetrate. A giant spider appears in combat and a large elf swinging two long swords. Snow Summer has changed into a bear and is charging the left flank archers. They are dropping back and mauling her with salvos of arrows. By this point in the battle the elves have not missed a single parry and they outnumber us two to one. It looks pretty bleak but we press on. When a second magic user drops his invisibility spell and starts attacking, our morale plummets. Gunga-Sam goes down with a broken leg. An armored guard appears before the wizard. We are sure we are going to die so decide to take down as many of them as we can. We discover the spider and the two-sword elf are illusions. Snow Summer breaks right and crashes into the right flank of the swordsmen. Beside her are Askaradin and Magnar and now the enemy cannot parry fast enough. The trio rolls up their flank. Thingul’s spells are landing and take out the second magic user as well as half the archers. They finally break and run. Snow Summer turns into a tiger and pounces on the remaining wizard. We capture him and the magician who is unconscious. We employ the Mendal capture kits to tie, bind and blind them. We strip them down and remove their footwear.
• We find 71 copper, 7 silver, 1 gold, 10 turquoise gems, 2 amber gems, 1 topaz gem, 1 opal, a magic long sword – given to Maddie, a Hold Person scroll (100 ft range, 15 ft diameter, 2d4 rounds) – given to Jevin, a very ornate gold bracelet (worth 1,500 copper) – given to Thingul for keeping until we trade it in.
• We find a mostly below-ground structure that is warded. The group did belong to the Order of the Silver Sun. We talk about burning the structure but the recording is unclear whether that happened or not.
• Start of next Session: We will start back in the city. We will start by questioning the prisoners (maybe with the help of the temple) then turn them over to the rangers.

Session information:
• 40 XP for the session.
• It’s been 71 days since we met on the ship
• The Solar Eclipse will arrive in about 3 weeks

Team funds:
• 247 copper
• 10 silver
• 1 gold

• 2 Small Amber gems (70 CP)
• 1 Small jade gem (60 CP)
• 1 small opal gem (80 CP)
• 1 Small topaz gem (40 CP)
• 10 Small turquoise (20 CP)



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