Lords of Chaos

Into the Sylvenian Confederacy

July Game Day 2017


Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

  • The captain takes us to Grella’s island because we have two broken arms and two broken legs. On the beach we find a strange multi tentacled sea creature rotting on a rack. It’s roughly man sized. No birds, rodents or any scavengers are eating it. Thingul detects some magic on the creature which he guesses is inherent magic and other magic that seems to be placed on it. The placed magic is odd and is physical there are some odd unknown elements to it. Grella is happy to see us. We deliver a special package from the captain and she heals our party. Thingal offers Grella some of the magical ingredients he found in the Silver Sun camp. One of the ingredients that Grella selects is useful when dealing with other worldly creatures and the other ingredient is a rare catalyst which can be very dangerous when used incorrectly but greatly increases the power of regents. They are used for complex spells and by masterful spell casters. Grella tells us the creature on the beach is one of her projects.
We sail to the Sylvenian Confederacy into the port of Ilseus. House Cerwyn is located in the northern regions of the Confederacy. The ambassador we dealt with in the Goblin Marches was from House Cerwyn. The First Counselor to the High King is from south Cerwyn. Thingul is from House Ithell. [recommendation: read Thingul’s background story] We decide to take a three pronged attack to gather information; contact House Ithell, contact the Besenji and contact the local temple of Arathane.

Our presence is requested in Tulvius by the Besenji. They’ve been expecting us. The Arathane temple kinda tells us the same message. Jevin negotiates passage up river paid for by the Besenji. We first head up the Rylua River then branch onto the Solvia River tributary.

This is the night before the eclipse and the church of Arathane is offering a special service tonight which most of us attend. We head up the river on a barge. The eclipse happens. It’s cool but it’s a non-event. Nothing explodes. No fights. The world stays the same. We gain no magical powers. It’s pretty much a let down after all the build up.

We arrive in Tulvius and get off the barge. After wandering about we are approached by a beggar the hands us a note after giving him some coppers. The note contains a crude map and instructs us to go to a shop called “Aolis Exports”. We go into the shop and flash the Besenji coin to the proprietor. He locks the front door and we follow him into the back rooms. We are led into a room with a large table and wait. After a short while Captain Falcon walks into the room and welcomes us. Eventually he gets around to telling us that we might be able to help them out with something. Another person comes into the meeting, Captain Falcon stands and pays the newcomer a great deal of respect. This person has an air of authority about him and he seems well briefed about the things we’ve been up to. He tells us that House Cerwyn has an item in their control that others might want to be returned.

Bottom Line: House Ithell can’t be seen directly taking action to retrieve the item but if some mercenary group were to retrieve it and return it then House Cerwyn would have no official means of protesting the action. Members of both houses can smile at each other at social events and both will know who did what to whom. They can continue their strange dance with each other by obeying the unwritten rules of their relationship.

If we take this action it would also increase our value in the eyes of High King. The item is being kept in a sacred grove. The wards could be taken out by friends. We are asked to minimize the amount of bloodshed that might result in our actions (probably another dance rule). Captain Falcon will be running the ops to knock down wards and running interference to support us without direct obvious involvement. He gives Jevin two glass balls of knock-out gas. The item is a book of rituals and Thingul tells us a bit of information about it.

We get a guide to lead us to a place near the grove. We approach the grove in single file with Thumper and Thingul in advance. The hope is that they will detect guards or wards respectively. Thinglul’s first detect magic senses overwhelming magic but he can focus to what is needed. There is magic that has been knocked down but it is part of the grove and will soon re-establish itself. There is a tunnel of trees that we are travelling down to get to the center of the grove. Thumper sees two guards, he draws Thingul down and signals Jevin to come forward with his knock-out gas. Jevin sneaks forward until he’s about 25 feet away and throws. The glass ball breaks, one of the guards collapses and the other starts coughing. Thumper and Thingul fire arrows at the remaining guard, both hitting in the arm. That guard collapses in shock, he’s still alive and we quickly truss him and gag him. Gara performs first aid on him to prevent him from dying.

Thingul starts detecting magic traps that have been already discharged. He’s also getting overwhelming nature magic from the grove. He can detect some magic traps that are still set. Magnar takes the lead down the tunnel and Thingul follows. Thumper moves to the back of the party. Magnar almost immediately sets off a trip wire and a spear rams into his stomach for a lot of damage. Gara heals him. Jevin moves forward and starts searching for physical traps to assist Thingul’s efforts. Jevin detects several traps and marks them so that others do not set them off. A fear spell trap goes off which causes Thingul and Magnar to charge back down the trail. When we near the center of the grove Thingul detects a powerful magic item. The tunnel ends and there is a large open area. There is a chest in the middle of it. Jevin moves toward the chest to check for traps but before he gets there a very large creature rises up from out of the ground. It looks humanoid and like it is made out of mud. It’s much larger than a hill giant.

The mud monster whips his arm out toward Jevin and a giant mud blob slams into him. Jevin collapses under a big glob of mud and lays still. Thingul had a magical shield which popped during the attack so we know this is a powerful opponent. The monster throws a blob at Magnar which hits and does not bring him down. The mud clinging to Magnar reduces all of his rolls by a certain amount. Throughout the battle this reduction is cumulative which makes it harder for each of us to do what is needed. After several more hits Magnar is almost immobile due to the amount of mud encasing him. Thingul casts a dispell magic on Magnar and all the mud falls off. Freddie starts raining down fireballs on the mud monster which over the battle do significant damage. Gara starts spreading around healing spells on the group. Askaradin strikes the creature critically with a white glowing sword. Califred delivers a death blow to it. The bear starts pounding down serious blows on the monster. Whomever does the most damage or helps the group the most becomes the target of the creature. One by one we get knocked down until there are few of us left. Maddie and Califred try to pick up the chest, hoping to run, but it won’t budge. They then decide to open it up and grab the book but Califred goes down and Maddie is frozen in fear, sure that it will kill them if she tries.

Askaradin finally strikes the blow that drops the monster. Immediately we start digging our comrades out of mud to stop them from drowning in it. Then Jevin works on the chest and we see a book in it. Thingul grabs the book and we run. We find Captain Falcon and turn over the book which ends the session. During the battle all our magic users burned most of their points. The battle lasted less than a minute. The creatures was a magical guardian.

Session information:

· 40 XP for the session.

· It’s been 94 days since we met on the ship

Team funds:

· 273 copper

· 10 silver

· 1 gold

· 2 Small Amber gems (70 CP each)

· 1 Small jade gem (60 CP)

· 1 small opal gem (80 CP)

· 1 Small topaz gem (40 CP)

· 10 Small turquoise (20 CP each)



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