Lords of Chaos

New Directions

August Game Day 2017

Present; Askaradin, Califred, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

We ended the last session with the book and exiting the glen to find Captain Falcon at the rendezvous point. When we hand over the book to him there is an enormous flash that blinds all of us for a few seconds but others for an extended time. We hear a “thunk” sound. There was no heat nor was there any noise associated with the flash. When our vision clears there is no Captain Falcon and the book is laying on the ground.

Is this a flash-bang trick to distract us? Was Falcon obliterated? Did we deliver an assassin’s tool to Captain Falcon? Was this an elaborate trap that we were conned into and targeting Capt. Falcon?

Magnar starts sinking into the ground and can’t free himself. We throw ropes to him and tie them to trees. Snow Summer turns into a fairy and detects a massive swirling vortex of nature magic. Califred gets trapped by a root that ties him to the ground. Thingul, Jevin, Snow Summer (fairy) and Askaradin get hauled into the trees by living vines. The forest around us is thrashing with moving vines. We slash, grapple, help each other and parry the vines with some success but are slowly losing the battle. Thingul has multiple vines on him.

Thingul throws the book as far away from him as he can. He withdraws his spear and tries to enter a trance focusing on it’s properties. He prays to Sylvara asking for guidance. The vines stop attacking and slowly lower their victims to the ground. Magnar stops sinking into the quagmire.

We see a female elf walk into the area which Thingul recognizes as Nanthleene (house Cerwyn)… (see Thingul’s background story). They have an extended conversation the highlights are that she asks him if he remembers their dream. She wants the book and asks Thingul if he will join her. Thingul says “no”. She turns and walks away, looking a bit disgusted at Thingul. [Question: was this real? was it a test to see where Thingul’s loyalties lie? It’s odd that Nanthleene would just walk away from the book. Even if she were divorced from it for some reason it seems likely she’d at least recover the book for her house. We are told later that the powers of the glen are much deeper than the workings of either man or the elves.]

We see another female elvish figure walking through the woods. She looks very majestic. She looks youthful but there is an aspect about her that makes it obvious she is ancient. Those of us that are magic in nature feel vast power radiating from her. She is wearing clothing that is very old fashioned by elvin standards. Thumper kneels before her, some of the others nod toward her. She walks up to Thingul who is holding the book and addresses him as “child”. Thingul does not know her but she claims to know him and has been watching him. She looks at all of us and says “You have all travelled much further than you know but your journey is not yet done”. Thingul asks if it is a journey of spirit or body and she suggests there is no difference. When Thingul asks if she is mortal she tells us that she “shed that veil long ago”. Thingul tries to find out if we know her or have heard of legends of her but she says that he has probably heard of her but such things are unimportant. What is important is what is happening and what is about to happen. Thingul confesses that we feel like a boat asea without a rudder and need guidance. Askaradin asks about the fallen angel and asks if the book can be used against him. The lady says “ah… the child of Arathane asks a question of much wisdom”. She tells us that we must head north. To Askaradin she says, “There is a weapon that was lost there that will be much use to you. It was lost in a place called Grimsboo. There you will find a weapon against the fallen one that you seek and without it you will be lost”. The weapon is the Sanas Saride which is a holy banner that was lost in the siege of Tul Amangier in 5100 and has been gone for two centuries.

The image of the elvin woman dissolves and we find ourselves at the entrance to the glen which we thought we left.

We have a lengthy discussion on what just happened and how to fess up to the Besenji if they ask us about the book. We make our way back to the rendezvous point and find Captain Falcon there. He tells us he has been worried since it took us so long. We ask him if he recalls meeting us after the mission and he looks confused. We spill the beans and tell him everything that has happened to us, including his flash-bang demise. He strongly considers the story we tell him and he says “OK”. He’s concerned about house Cerwyn not liking our involvement and organizes a clandestine extraction down the river on a barge and sneak us back to our ship. We are asked to stay below deck during the trip. Califred is confronted by Hound who materializes out of nothing in the field. It’s clear that Hound is toying with him but offers him a ring as a consolation prize. The ring is silver with small red rubies. When Califred puts it on he seems to see much better (+20% to see).

They sneak us down the river and pull up into a hidden cove near Ilseus. There, they transfer us into a showman’s wagon and haul us into the warehouse district in town. We’ll transfer to the ship in the evening and Thingul will cast a disguise spell on us to tweak our appearance. During the transfer we run into a group of thugs that demand a price to pass through their area. We liked our money where it was. With an extended battle we beat the crap out of them. To be fair, Jevin told them they weren’t up to a tumble with us and suggested they move along before we hurt them. After they run we make our way down to the ship. The captain immediately casts off and we set course for the northern territories.

Session information:

· 60 XP for the session.

· It’s been 98 days since we met on the ship

Team funds:

· 341 copper

· 10 silver

· 1 gold

· 2 Small Amber gems (70 CP each)

· 1 Small jade gem (60 CP)

· 1 small opal gem (80 CP)

· 1 Small topaz gem (40 CP)

· 10 Small turquoise (20 CP each)



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