Lords of Chaos

Ship Battle

June game day 2017

Present; Askaradin, Califred, Freddie, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

  • We go through the camp and find documents about the Silver Sun. There are a few scrolls in Angelic and Elvish, Thingul can read the Elvish and it details the ritual and refers to the Angelic document. They are very detailed notes. It indicates that “the Twins” are an central part of the ritual and it can be surmised they will be sacrificed. It will happen during the eclipse which is the first time we have confirmed that suspicion.
  • We interrogate the magician first and he doesn’t talk. The sorcerer tells us everything if we promise not to turn him over to the Arathan priests. We lied. They were looking for a set of male elvish twins but were having trouble finding them so they were about to try without. The magician and the sorcerer were going to be part of the ritual. He admits that we interfered enough that the whole thing was a bust. Kildore came to warn them that things were falling apart. They were told the ritual would weaken Arathan and increase the power of Raidan. They got their instructions from a “strange man” and they only could remember his eyes and voice. The sorcerer refers to him continuously as “the strange man” but admits he was not sure he was a man. He gave them the information they needed then headed to the Sylverian Confederacy to meet Falarian of house Cerwyn the first counselor of the Forest King. The magic sword that Maddie has was part of the ritual.
  • We get back to Northwich and turn the prisoners over to high priest Malthus The temple will start interrogate these prisoners for more information. They examine the scroll of angelic writings. Malthus suspects that the “strange man” is an angel and suggests we pursue him down to the confederacy. Some of us go and check in with the Ranger Station. They tell the rangers to watch the area around the facility and expect cult followers to arrive near the eclipse. Thumper asks them to look for wanted posters to see if he is being hunted but they find nothing.
  • We go shopping. Magnar, Thingul, and Maddie upgrade their chest/abdomen to Hauberk chain. Magnar and Thingul upgrade their helmets. Askaradin upgrades to full chain.
  • We head west to Torlens (Thumper’s home town) then catch a barge down river to the port of Halport. The Dawn Star is waiting for us. We sail south towards the confederacy. In the evening the ship with Black sails appears. The captain is not alarmed but he changes course. The other ship follows for a while then disappears. We start engaging the twins and asking them about information. They tells us they are not supposed to talk about things. We start to notice that they are a bit odd for the crew. The seem to be more upper class but hide it well.
  • One of the twins calls out a sighting as a smaller ship approaches us. It closes and the crew starts preparing for battle. Thumper climbs into the crow’s nest. There is an initial exchange of missile fire then they ram our ship and secure it with grappling lines. A carrion crawler appears in the crows nest with Thumper which takes out our sniper fire for the entire encounter. The twins are in the rigging and start beating on the carrion crawler which distracts it.
  • They break Califred’s leg. He spends the rest of the game crawling around throwing bad guys overboard.
  • A hill giant materializes on our deck. [Learning moment: illusion creatures pop into the fight immediately… summoned creatures take ten rounds to solidify]
  • They break Freddie’s leg. They shatter Maddie’s wooden shield [Suggestion: check with the ship’’s carpenter for possible mending or replacement]
  • There are a lot of the enemy and they are swarming the deck. Snow Summer has turned into a bear but she is taking massive amounts of damage so she jumps into the sea and turns into a shark. she swims under the enemy ship, turns into a tiger and tries to climb the ship hull. [Fact Check: Tigers are really big and heavy. They rarely climb because of their weight, size and how they’ve evolved to run down prey. They like low altitudes.]
  • They break Maddie’s arm and she dives over the side to avoid the enemy. We identify the magic user on the other ship. Jevin tosses an acid flask and severely damages his arm. A tiger is clawing its way up the hull toward the spell caster. Others are trying to target spells and missile file on him. He summons another Carrion Crawler and wraps it around himself to act as a shield. After that the ships begin to separate and the smaller attack ship starts to withdraw from the Dawn Star.
  • Thingul kills the Carrion crawler facing Thumper. Even though its demise is obvious to us Thumper congratulates the twins on their awesome contributions that allowed the enemy to be defeated.
  • The other ship withdraws. Unfortunately we shall probably meet them again some time in the future. We need to keep the image of their magic user in mind for future encounters.
  • Game question: Where did our potions go??? From our April notes: “The high priest in Elgan gives to Askaradin several potions, Heal 1 , Fury 2, a very ornate bottle of Heal 3.” At the start of next game lets make sure we know who has what and it’s listed on their sheets.
  • Strategy Note: We are fighting individual melee battles. Of note, Askaradin delivered 10 hits 7 of which were parried. We need to start teaming so the first person draws the parry and the second can delivers a hit. Our enemies are getting stronger, delivering more damage, wearing more armor and having more skill to parry. We have to start using teamwork to overcome them. We need to pair up at least and the pairs should be grouped based on weapon speed. The only one that should be melee fighting single is Snow Summer when she changes into something with multiple attacks. If you ever find yourself fighting alone then make your way toward and ally and team up with them.

Session information:

· 40 XP for the session.

· It’s been 79 days since we met on the ship

· The Solar Eclipse will arrive in 5 days

Team funds:

· 260 copper

· 10 silver

· 1 gold

· 2 Small Amber gems (70 CP each)

· 1 Small jade gem (60 CP)

· 1 small opal gem (80 CP)

· 1 Small topaz gem (40 CP)

· 10 Small turquoise (20 CP each)



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