Lords of Chaos

The Cabin in the Woods

March Game Day 2017

Present; Califred, Gara, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Maddie, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul, Thumper.

• Gunga has found a source he does not wish to reveal and assures us that Kildore is a squeaky clean upstanding citizen. Probably a much better person than anyone of us.
• We start back in Elgin and head down the trail toward the location on the map we found in Kildore’s study. We pass through the place where we fought the gargoyles and someone has removed the two gargoyle bodies. On both nights of the trip we are wakened by fairies hiding in the brush, giggling. On the second night they left a small woven mat of flowers hanging from a tree branch. Maddie claims it.
• Early on the third day we discover a small cabin just off the trail. The cabin looks old but it’s not dilapidated, no smoke from the chimney, no weeds in front of the door, just dirt, indicating some kind of use. As we approach it we discover a “barrier” at about 50 feet where we feel discouraged and consider going back. Everyone feels the same way and it’s a subtle feeling. Winston stays outside the 50 foot range and will not approach the cabin. Thumper circles the cabin and sees a main door and shuttered windows on the other sides. Thingul uses a detect magic spell. There are two sources of magic in the cabin, one is a ritual that created a ward (sorcerer) and a source of complex strong magic in the center.
• Thumper approaches the front door and knocks on the door. Nobody answers so he tries to open it and discovers it’s locked. Jevin comes forward and picks the lock. Thumper opens the door. It’s dark inside, it has a wooden floor which is unique (rather than dirt), it is one room, open rafters, a small fire place and a rough hewn table with four chairs. Thumper walks into the room and moves to the right to open a shuttered window. Jevin steps just inside the door. Summer moves up and places a lantern just inside the door.
• Jevin feels something. As he looks around he notices something moving on the table. Jevin starts yelling “the table, the table!” Something is swirling above the table with particles of silver and black. It swirls faster and faster, the silver turns into a ball about two feet in diameter. The silver is somewhat transparent and in the center is a large black gauntlet fist. They immediately recognize it as the symbol of Raidan and Thumper yells “get out!” Shadows start swirling around the ball. Jevin turns to run and falls on his face, Thumper tries to dive out the window but gets hung up on the sill. The shadows strike Jevin and he feels a cold energy drain. He takes some damage and his strength gets drained.
• Thumper gets out the window on his second try. Shadows start coming through the walls and out into the forest. One shadow passes through Magnar’s shield and into his body, inflicting damage and strength loss. Magnar strikes back and when he hits the thing it starts shredding dark shadow pieces. Gara starts casting healing spells around. Thumper turns and fires an arrow into the silver ball. The arrow passes through the ball with no effect and buries into the far wall. At this point we decide the silver ball needs to be attacked by magic. People without magic weapons start attacking the shadows and when successful they shred black essence. Thingul and Magnar charge toward the door to get into the cabin.
• Gunga kneels in front of the door and purposely blocks it. He throws a bunch of oily rags onto the lamp and starts a fire. Unknown to the rest of us, Gunga has decided that if the cabin burns down all the magic will simply go away. Jevin is in the cabin. Gunga gets out of the doorway when the rags catch fire. Thingul and Magnar leap through the flames and start attacking the silver ball. Magnar’s attack goes through the ball and into the table. Thingul’s magic spear inflicts some damage on it. It sparks and throws Thingul backward. A lot of magic backflows into him and he realizes its very powerful ritual magic. He notices imperfections (cracks???) in the ball and gauntlet. It does not seem to affect the shadows.
• Jevin throws a rock at the sphere, the rock streaks with blue magic, looking much like a small meteorite. It hits the sphere and inflicts damage. Later Jevin admits he found an amulet in Kildore’s study and took possession of it. It seems to turn the stone’s into magic weapons.
• Summer Snow and Magnar begin to guard Jevin and Thingul from the shadows. Essentially they step in front of the shadows and take blows for the ones they protect. Jevin throws another stone but he is so weak he can’t make the toss. He barely crawls out the window and Califred picks him up and runs. Summer Snow shifts guard Thingul and Thingul keeps inflicting damage to the sphere.
• Gunga moves forward again with a flask of oil to add to the fire. Maddie moves in to tackle him. Magnar collapses into the doorway and Gunga starts dragging him off. Jevin and Magnar are without strength. Everyone else is severely down in strength. Thingul is rapidly losing strength with each hit and Summer is trying to protect him.
• Finally Thingul hits the sphere with a critical hit. Silver essence starts shredding off the sphere. Thingul can feel the powerful spell become unbound and break apart. The magic is being released. The shadows start disintegrating. Thingul takes a stab at the sphere, hits it again, then turns and runs to get out of the cabin. When the sphere explodes a wave of powerful magic blasts over us. Summer Snow gets blown out of her bear form.
• We start putting the fire out, throwing dirt on it, water from canteens and such. Gara starts tending to wounds. Thingul examines the table, sees blood and ritual markings so he can tell there was a ritual spell cast on the table. He casts detect magic again and only senses the perimeter spell.
• It seems strange to us that there is nothing here other than the table and chairs. The cabin is taken care of, maintained, but no food, kitchen, outhouse or other things we’d expect. We start searching the cabin and tearing up the floorboards. Nothing.
• Who builds a cabin two days travel into the forest, puts wards up against it and makes a powerful defensive ritual spells? Is it a meeting place? Is it a place of ritual magic for lay lines? Will this be a focal point for the coming eclipse? Is it possible that something was here but when we tripped the gargoyle guards the owners moved whatever was here by the time we came back 3 days later and set a trap in its place? Did the sphere have an alternate power but we just tripped the defensive element? Why would Kildore (the fine upstanding citizen) have a map to this place? Was it built as a trap for us? That seems excessive, there are simpler, effective traps that could be built.
• On the assumption that this is simply a guard shack, Thumper hikes an hour down the trail to see if there is anything else. The trail at this point is merely a dear trail and nothing is found. The cabin is also at the place on the map where we expected something. Summer Snow/bear sniffs around the cabin and surrounding area and smells faint odors of elves.
• After extensively searching the cabin and forest for clues we burn the cabin down.
• We go back to town. When we get there we find out that Kildore has suddenly needed to take a business trip. He went south the Anivere. Thumper is does not really want to head to Anivere but doesn’t discuss why.
DEATH TRAP AVERTED: In late discussion we figured out that once the ritual magic was tripped it could not be stopped other than destroying the sphere. The shadows moved faster than we could run. The shadows were not limited in range and could hunt us down no matter where we went. We were damaging the shadows but they were regenerating (probably not the right word but it’s the idea). If we had managed to light the cabin on fire it would not have stopped the ritual magic or hurt the sphere. We could not get to the sphere because of the heat. After that the shadows would have killed us and we couldn’t have stopped them.
• To Do: Email discussion to get a course of action for the next session. Ask the Arathane priest for his thoughts on what we found at the cabin. Do we chase Kildore? Do we head back down the river?
• 40 XP for the session, 20 XP for submitted stories.
• It’s been 61 days since we met on the ship



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