Lords of Chaos


September Game Day 2017


Present; Askaradin, Califred, Gunga Sam, Jevin, Magnar, Snow Summer, Thingul.

We head north on the boat far out in the ocean. In the evening on the second day we encounter the ship with black sails. A very low frequency horn sounds. There is a black swirling cloud emitting and growing out of the ship. A cross breeze starts on the Misty Dawn and the captain orders the sails to be reefed. He orders everyone below deck and not to come topside regardless of what happens. The captain stays on deck. The seas become very rough and the ship is tossed very violently. There is a putrid smell (dead things) that penetrates the hull into the living quarters. It sounds like the ship is coming apart and things are snapping, breaking above deck. Some water is leaking in and the crew looks nervous. There is a sudden final heave and things start to calm down, the smell dissipates and the captain calls the crew back to station. He looks very battered and banged up. There are broken spars and rigging laying about the deck which the crew tries to secure and lets some of the sails back out. The captain will not speak of what happened.

Thingul wonders if the black ship has anything to do with the dead things that attacked us at the wrecked ship.

The next morning the ship is heading north and there is land toward the west. It’s a large piece of land, not just an island. We travel along it for hours watching the jungle slide by. It is uninhabited. After a time we notice the ship heading into shore and there seems to be a small harbor with a town. The ships in harbor are all smaller and faster than ours. The captain is bringing the ship in for repairs suffered during the storm. Repairs should take a day and the captain sets the team free to explore the town while the crew repairs the ship. When we come in the dock crews tie up the ship so we assume the captain has been here before or the shore crews don’t really care who comes into port.

We find that most of the people do not speak a language we know. Some of the elves speak Elvish. Nobody really wants to talk to us. When someone asks a passerby what the name of the town is they just laugh. After a while we start to realize this is a smuggler’s town. We notice the coins being used about town contain a currency that we’ve never seen before. Maddie charms one of the locals at the bar and mines a lot of information from him.

Winston comes into the bar and is acting frantic. The teams gets up and follows Winston out the door and into the jungle on a game trail. He hurries down the trail and circles every now and then until the others catch up the bolts back down the trail again. The trail is very heavily overgrown. Winston leads them very far away from town. Winston gets to a spot but hesitates to move any farther forward. Askaradin hears something up ahead that sounds like a quiet conversation. Snow Summer turns into a fairy and zips down the trail about 60 feet and finds two guards talking. The team moves down the trail and Maddie chats the guards up. Magnar walks past Maddie then the guards. The guards step back into the jungle and let the party pass then they quietly creep back towards town. Farther down the trail there are four armed men guarding the trail. Magnar is walking down the trail in the lead, the men are surprised they stand and draw their weapons. Magnar withdraws his chain face veil and roars at them. They all turn and try to push off into the jungle. They do not run down the trail. [NOTE: the proper official paperwork has been submitted to Guinness World Records; the team encountered six guards and did not kill any of them.]

Magnar picks up the pace and shortly breaks into a clearing. Thumper is unconscious and beat up. He is tied to a stump and a human figure is standing next to him. Magnar charges the man. The man holds his hand up and says “I would recommend stopping”. Magnar ignores him and continues to charge. The man gestures and a dome made of bone rises up around Thumper and the man. Thingul casts a shield of magic protection on Maddie and when she closes with the bone structure she stops abruptly. Magnar lands a solid blow on the dome and it doesn’t even chip it. The man suddenly appears behind Thingul at the back of the party. He tries to bite Thingul on the neck but misses as Thingul twists away. Thingul stabs him in the gut with his spear. The “man” is now declared a “vampire” by the team. Magnar tries to lift the dome but the structure extends down into the earth. Maddie hits the vampire in the head and he disappears. Everyone circles with their backs to each other hoping the invisible vampire doesn’t attack them. Thingul tries an intense magical punch (dispel magic) into the bone dome and doesn’t scratch the thing. Snow Summer has been flying around as a gargoyle when the vampire appears on her back and she crashes into the jungle where she gets bit on the neck. The vampire disappears and reappears on top of the bone dome. Maddie hits the bone dome with her magic sword but it doesn’t scratch. Askaradin and Maddie climb up the dome trying to get at the vampire. Jevin hits the vampire in the arm with a magic rock. A swirling dark mist wraps around Maddie and Askaradin with bat sounds within it. Thingul sends a swarm of wasps at the vampire and it obviously is impacted. It looked like he was about to reach in to grab Askaradin but simply disappeared instead. Askaradin climbs down off the dome. The vampire appears and Jevin hits him with another magic rock. He looks like he’s in pretty bad shape. He holds out his hand and asks “do you wish your friend to live?” The dome disappears, Maddie does a backward summer salt, lands on her head and knocks herself out. The vampire is negotiating for Thumper’s life (and regenerating in the process). The vampire tells the team that their “blood is foul.” Askaradin picks up Thumper, Snow-Summer-troll picks up Maddie. Magnar walks toward the vampire and half way there decides that the vampire really isn’t such a bad guy after all. He approaches and gives the vampire a big hug. The vampire bites him then steps back and fades away. The team examines Thumper and finds no bite marks but he is extremely beaten up.

The team gets back to town. They start looking into the affects of vampire bites. They don’t necessarily turn people into vampires with a single bite. Thingul recalls that the vampire told us that none of us was worthy of being a vampire and that we were all tainted and foul.
The team finds one of the guards in the bar and he is pretty hammered. They ask him questions. He says he was hired to be a guard real recently. The guard says his employer was carrying Thumper back to the clearing and started yelling. He wasn’t hired to ask questions so didn’t bother asking about the captive. He said his employer was really creepy and asked what he was. The team tells the guard his boss was a vampire.

Maddie becomes conscious. They deposit Thumper with Gara on the ship and she starts tending to him. He never regains consciousness.

Costco Shopping List: 3 large sacks of garlic cloves, 1 case of garlic soap, 4 large bottles of Eau du Garlique body wash and two 24 oz. bottles of Channel no. 256 Garlic spray perfume.

Session information:

· 40 XP for the session.

· It’s been 101 days since we met on the ship

Team funds:

· 341 copper

· 10 silver

· 1 gold

· 2 Small Amber gems (70 CP each)

· 1 Small jade gem (60 CP)

· 1 small opal gem (80 CP)

· 1 Small topaz gem (40 CP)

· 10 Small turquoise (20 CP each)



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